How do you think about Time?

At the beginning of a new year you often hear people talk about how fast time flies, like an arrow. Of course the longer you live, the shorter an hour feels relative to the number of hours you have lived. But the feeling of time having flown past is also a reflection of missed opportunity, that perhaps you could have spent or invested your time better.

Last year in April, I had the privilege of attending the Wealth Dynamics Entrepreneur Business School (EBS) in Bali, Indonesia. The EBS training was hosted and mentored by Roger Hamilton. Over 320 participants from 20 countries gathered in the main ballroom of Le Meridien Bali.

Roger led an exercise on reframing how you think about Time, using the metaphor of hours as droplets of time, which can be collected and channeled in ways that lead to both accumulation and increased flow of wealth. This metaphor came from his book on the subject, Wink and Grow Rich (Wealth Dynamics), with an illustration of how to Invest Your Time: 24 Drops shown above.

I think that this is a far better way to think about time, than the image of time flying like an arrow.

Time Drops Create Wealth Flow

The implications of this metaphor are profound, and lead to practical steps for how to apply this in your life and business. We are all given the same number of hours in a day, be we do not all value those hours the same. The first step is to value your time as you value your life. They are closely interwoven. There are key words which will help you do this.

Collect your resources
Find containers to collect your output over time. This can be a blog, a diary, a book, a product, anything which takes a shape that remains over time for other people to recognize its value and potential. And that value will grow over time as the contents become increasingly relevant.

Connect with people
Find networks to connect with people over space. This can be a group or association, online or offline, any group that regularly communicates and trades through a system over the same channels, and one which grows stronger by association. That value too will grow over time as your contribution to the network becomes increasingly evident.

Collaborate on projects
Form partnerships to collaborate with others whose resources and networks complement and enhance your own. This can be a project, a product, a company, or even volunteer venture based on trust, similar values, and mutual merit, a bond which strengthens through action. The value of this too will increase through synergy, as the value of the partnership exceeds the value of the separate partners.

Celebrate by sharing
Make commitments to share the benefits with others who recognize your value and want to share in the process. This can be a social enterprise, donation of money or services, teaching process, or rally of support, one which gains momentum through inspiration and gratitude.

If you can value and use time in this way, you will never lack for ideas or support.

Are you ready to collectconnectcollaborate, and celebrate in 2009?

Do you have the motivation to act, but need help in finding containersnetworkspartnerships, and commitments in which to invest your time and effort?

If you want to learn more about how to do this, subscribe to this blog at the upper right hand column, for updates on how you can create wealth flow through resourcespeopleprojects, and sharing.

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Tips When Finding The Most Suitable Tablecloth

An event would certainly be totally awesome when it comes to the point that the tables are even dressed for the occasion, and that is why you must find time to have the necessary table cloth that you can use for the event. Make sure that you have table cloth with you when you want to organize a party so that the table will not look really bare and that the guests will certainly feel comfortable during the entire event. That is why, apart from planning out what are the accessories that you must have in your event, you must also plan out as to what are the table cover that you must do. There is essentially a great need for you to be able to get the right decision as to how to choose for a table cloth, because table cloth that are totally best suited for an event will depend on your knowledge as to how to choose one.

The kind of table that you are setting up for a particular event may not have the necessary table cloth that you can pair it up with, and that is why you will definitely need to have Custom Tablecloths that you can make use of. It would also be to your advantage when you are going to be very picky as to the kind of cloth that you are going to make use of as well as the color that you want to have, so that the style of what you are setting up is going to be perfectly congruent to the event. You will certainly be glad to learn that if you are going to be having a table cloth that will serve as a backdrop to the event that you are organizing then you have an event that is going to turn out fine.

When you are busy organizing and spending time on an event that you want to turn out fine, then having the right custom made table cloth is essential for you to be able to come out with a party that is going to stick to everyone’s mind. There is the need for you to be able to come up with a design and plan as to what are the right things to consider for a table top protector, yet you don’t necessarily have to spend so much time and effort in deciding with what to do. There are a lot of options that you can go to so that you will be able to find the right table cloth that you have been searching of, and one avenue is the online shops. In the event, a classy event is going to depend on the kind of design and style that you are making use of for the table cloth that you have.
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How to Choose the Right Tablecloth for Your Event

Tablecloths play a very important role in every table setting. This is even where every table setting will get started. The right choice of table cloth is the one that will match every accessory that is decorated on the top of the table. Choosing a table cover is not hard, however, there be few things that you need to consider first.

Know the size of your table so you will know the perfect size of the cover. The length of the cover should be just right for your table. When choosing a cover, you should consider the size of your table. Of course, you have to determine how much you want your cover to hang. For dinner and buffets, a table cover that will hang up to the ground is what is best. However, when you will have your dinner at home, you should have a cover that will only extend a few inches down.

You need also to choose a color and design that will compliment the total ambiance of the place. Never neglect the importance of the color of the cover. During formal occasions, you can choose to have colors like white, black, ivory and deep colors such as chocolate or navy blue. These are indeed perfect for formal gatherings like weddings or choose a color that compliments to the theme of the event. The choice of tablecloths and napkins should compliment the event’s theme. You can also consider other arrangements. Funky and bold colors are perfect for events that are quite informal. So when you choose colors for your table covers, you have to take note of the theme, the kind of event and the guests who will attend the event.

In the past, it takes a lot of effort for one to be able to get the kind of tablecloth that one needs. Also, it takes a lot of hard time just to have a customized tablecloths that will be as perfect as you want it to be. You will have to do much waiting and even paying for a large amount. But, this is no longer the same with this modern technology. Easier task is made possible through the internet. The only thing that you will have to do is to visit a certain website where you can have a lot of choices. You can order for tablecloths that are customized just for your event. So, it is much easy for you to have the cover that you want.

These may just be basic, but these will convey how a host is stylish and elegant. Tablecloth is actually a backdrop for your table setting. For this reason, you have to carefully and perfectly choose the right cover for your table.
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How You Can Decide On The Most Suitable Custom Tablecloth For Your Party

Tablecloths are considered to be a vital part of all types of table arrangements. As a matter of fact, the very first thing that you need to do is find an excellent tablecloth before starting your table setting. It is very important for you to use a stunning table cloth that can match every accessory that you place on the table. If you want to use the most suitable tablecloth for your table setting, make sure that you can reflect on some essential factors.

To start with, you need to consider the size of your table so that you will be able to settle on the right size of the tablecloth. If you intend to entertain your guests in style, in that case, it is very important for you to reflect on the most suitable design of the tablecloth, its length, and also its color.

When deciding on the right length of your tablecloths, aside from size of your tables, you also need to decide how much of these tablecloths you would like to be seen draping. For restaurants which offer dinner buffets, they are making use of tablecloths which dangle to the ground. But if you are having a family dinner at home, the tablecloth that you need to use must fully cover the table and suspends one or two inches.

Another essential aspect when choosing the right tablecloth that you have to remember is its color. If you are having a formal occasion, then, you need to choose colors like white, black, or ivory, or you can go for deep colors such as chocolate or navy blue. For formal occasions like weddings, these are the colors that you to consider. The tablecloths as well as the napkins plus the table runners can then be chosen to go with your preferred theme. You also have the option of matching it to other arrangements you have. If you are planning an informal occasion, you can go for funky or bolder colors. What you only need to remember is to pick colors that will surely go with your preferred theme.

At one time, the task of finding an excellent customized tablecloth is considered to be rather difficult. This also meant huge sum of money and also, you have to wait for a number of weeks before this tablecloth is prepared. However, there are a lot of online shops these days that can offer you customized tablecloths you need for special occasions. There are a lot of options available to you and you will surely find a custom tablecloth that will surely match your preferences and your personal taste.
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The Right Way to Choose a Gun Safe

If you own a gun, one of the most important investments you can make is a gun safe. But since there are so many types of gun safes available, you might find it hard to pick one. Well, not that hard perhaps if you know each and every feature you should look for.


When you talk about gun safes, size always matters. Knowing what size to pick means you should consider the number of guns you currently have, and the number of guns you might add to your collection in the future. Also think where you plan to put the safe. If you might buy getting a large one, it would be good to store it in the garage. If you’re in doubt, pick bigger.


The cost of a gun safe is mainly dependent on features as well as size. A small handgun safe could go around $50 or lower. For a long gun, you could be looking at a minimum of $100 up to many thousand dollars. Remember, a higher cost isn’t a guarantee for higher quality, but the more expensive safes do tend to have more reliable safety features.


Biometric locks are undoubtedly the most sophisticated kinds of locks you will find today. Other digital locks could also work, except when the electronics mess up, of course. Key locks are good but you need to make sure tha the key is well hidden from others, but still easily accessible when you need to get it. Combination locks won’t give you that kind of problem, you just might forget the combination. That’s the reason many people prefer the key-lock combination combo. That means you have fast access to your safe without the need to scramble for a key, and you even have a second option in the event that you forget the combination.


There are several things you should consider as you examine the doors on a safe. First of all, where did they put the hinges? If they’re outside the safe, it’s easy to compromise them. Safes with internal hinges are always better. There should be at least four bolts per side, one bolt on top and one at the bottom. Each bolt should be no thinner than 9/16 of an inch, and the door should be made of steel that is at least of 1/4 inch thick. You should also seeif the doorframe is a continuous weld instead of a spot weld which is easier to break into. Finally, forget composite doors because while they are thicker, they have less steel thickness inside.

Fire and Water Resistance

A good gun safe protects guns from fire and water. An average house fire can be as hot as 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, which means your safe should be able to hold up to that temperature for at least thirty minutes. Similarly, choose a safe that can survive water in case of a flood.


Finally, while you shop around for a safe, you will find that there are so many accessories available. Some safes are equipped with gun racks and built-in lights, some have hygrometers for taking humidity measurements, and others even have built-in dehumidifiers. If you’re low on budget, you’ll find it cheaper if you could accessories separately and then install them by yourself.
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Different Types Of Small Business Loans

Your small company could be one of those companies in the world who are looking for ways on how to grow their business. If you are one of them, this is good news for you. These small companies around the world should be aware of this. People nowadays could become hopeless because some financing companies do not qualify business owners who have poor credit.

You should not waste time making ideas and building your finances if you want to achieve your business goals. You can start availing of loans if there have been a lot of times you failed despite all your efforts. You should consider applying for commercial loans because they have countless supply for your capital.

Loans like commercial loans are useful for buying commercial buildings or business premises for new and already established businesses. There are a lot of business owners who recommend others to avail of commercial loan because it allows them to expand their finances and buy assets for their business.

If you are more interested with commercial loans, you should also learn about the different types of commercial loan lenders. If you want to avail of commercial loans, you begin with advance qualification. If you want to start with pre-qualifying to know which commercial loan would fit you more, then start by determining how much you can pay for commercial loans.

A lot of big business projects are financed by commercial loans. If you are interested to avail of commercial loans, lenders must first check on your financial status and economic background. It is important that you comply all of the requirements because your application will be evaluated by a commercial loan officer.

You have to take note on the following important details when applying for commercial loans.Commercial lenders will focus on these information.

It is important that your credit scores in the past are clean.

The reason for loan application will also be checked.

You must also think about the collateral.

You must be able to pay the loan.

During the application, loan officers also check on your business investments.

The application for commercial loans requires you to submit important documents.

Requesting loans mean thinking about how you will use the funds, what type of loans you need for your business capital and how much loan you will have to request. In order to build trust from commercial loan lenders, you must use your own money for commercial plan.

It is important that you use the business plan if you are using the commercial loan for your new business. For 24 months, you must consider the inclusion of cash flows. That is why, the information provided must be clear and specific.
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Common Types of Commercial Loans

Commercial loans are loans that banks provide to various kinds of business entities. In some cases, these loans are given to assist a company in its day-to-day operational funding, while in others, they are meant to allow the purchase of new business equipment.

Here are some of the most common types of commercial loans nowadays:

Bank Guarantee Loans

On behalf of its client, a bank may issue a bank guarantee, which is a letter of guarantee to be given to a third party. The letter mainly promises that the bank will pay the third party a certain amount within the indicated period.

Term Loans

A term loan is a typical loan a bank provides for business purposes, to be settled over a set duration. It usually carries a permanent interest rate, a schedule of payment (quarterly or monthly) and a maturity date. A term loan can be secured (a collateral is required) and unsecured.

Construction Equipment Loans

Construction equipment loans are, as the name indicates, loans meant to enable a company to purchase construction machinery like backhoe loaders, excavators, cranes and the like.

Lease Finance Loans

A modern type of loan is lease financing, in which a company or individual can own a particular asset within a medium to long-term period, in return for pre-arranged interim payments. The set up includes the finance company or the lessor purchasing the asset and becoming its rightful owner.

Commercial Vehicle Loans

Commercial vehicle loans allow a borrower to buy vehicles such as buses, trucks, tippers and the rest. Tenure often varies from one to five years, depending on the borrower’s repayment capacity.

SME Credit Card Loans

An SME credit card loan can be provided in cash credit (to be paid within 3 years) or as a term loan (to be paid within 5 years), and is used by small and medium enterprises.

SME Collateral Free Loans

Another commercial loan provided to SMEs, this does not need a third-party guarantee nor collateral. It is given to SMEs at start-up or in an ongoing phase to meet capital requirements and support expansion plans.

Letter of Credit Loans

A letter of credit is a document in which a bank assures a seller that payment will be made. Banks issue this letter only after other documents have been submitted to them by the borrower. This type of commercial loan is usually used in trade financing, in which the two sides are not very familiar with each other, or when items are sold to customers in another country.

Bank Overdraft Facility

A company may withdraw an amount higher than what it has in its current account by way of a bank overdraft facility. How much can be withdrawn in excess and the interest rate to be paid will be agreed upon before the facility is granted. An overdraft facility is considered an option for short-term funding because it can be repaid with the next deposit.
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Selecting Services for Safes

Safes and locksmith services are important as these provide people with the chance of having quality safes. It is important for you to choose the services that will suit you best because safes are important. Before deciding on the locksmith services that will be best for you, it is advisable for you to go through several prospective locksmith services. It is advisable for you to follow some tips to make sure that you get the locksmith service that will work well for your ceremony. You should start the process of getting locksmiths within the shortest time possible. For you to get the locksmith that will be right for your safes, you need to make sure that you start looking for the locksmiths within the shortest time possible to allow you to get the one that will be suitable for your safes.

Tapping into your network will give you the chance of getting the Jacksonville safes and locksmiths service that is best for you. You can source recommendations from your family and friends, who might have hired them before. Narrowing down your options is a good idea after you have a list of some of the locksmith services that might be best for you. It is important for you to start eliminating the services that are not best for by determining the locksmith service that will suit your budget and your specific needs. You should consider how they perform in different environments and settings.

After narrowing down the selection of the Jacksonville safes and locksmiths services that might be best for you, make sure that you make appointments with around three locksmiths and make sure that you interview them. You should examine the style of the locksmiths and if the work that the locksmith has handled before will be best for you during the interview. It is important that you gauge the professionalism of a locksmith and the projects that he or she has worked on. It is advisable that you consider the experience of the locksmith working on various safes. It is advisable for you to ask a locksmith if he or she has handled safes such as yours.

To make sure that the locksmiths are using the equipment that you need, make sure that you discuss the safes and locksmith equipment. Make sure that you know the technology that is being used by the locksmith to keep your safes secure. Before signing a contract, consider the costs of the locksmith services. Determining the different places where you would want the safes to be placed and the number of locks that you might need to have the locksmith work on is important.
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Tips On Choosing The Right Locksmith For Your Home And Business

There should always be high quality locks in your homes at all times. High quality locks need to be installed in your establishments so that you can ensure safety and protection at all times. Choose the best professionals when you want the job be done perfectly. A locksmith should be able to take care of this task in the best possible way. Apart from that, they should also be able to handle situations wherein you get locked out of your homes as well. Always choose the right professional when engaging in such a venture.

Choosing the ideal professional is very important and with the amount of choices that you have, it is important that you choose the really good ones. There are reputable companies that employ excellent, well trained locksmiths that would be able to give you what you need. You need to choose the ideal establishments to hire these professionals from in order to make sure that you choose the ones who are good at what they do.

You should visit websites and ask suggestions from home owners who have been using the products as well. It’s nice to be able to lock and secure your home in the best way possible. It is always great to be able to ensure yourself that your homes will be safe even if you are not there.

You will know how excellent the services of establishment are and if they employ the ideal experts who keep your homes safe. The quality locks can be installed easily if you follow these important guidelines.

Considering all your options is especially crucial to gain the best possible results. Choose the one that will allow you to save the most money. You want to be able to proceed with the venture in the way you want to. There is a need for you to take advantage of all the possible sources that you have when it comes to such a venture in order to ensure satisfaction in the end. If you know anyone who has gone through the venture itself then you need to take advantage of what they have to recommend you.

When you are looking online for some websites and happen to come across a prospective company site that you might want to seek services from then make sure to read all the information made available to you. If there are promos and packages that are up for the taking then you should take advantage of them. Also, make sure to consider your budget when you engage in such a venture as well. Once you have the specific price range which you can afford then you should be able to narrow down your choices considerably. Another thing that you should also consider is the comments and feedbacks of other clients as well. In doing so, you should be able to weigh your options better.

You should definitely consider certain factors when engaging in such a venture so make you that you follow all the right steps. It crucial that you are aware of what you need and at the same time, what you want as well. You will need to know a lot about the venture you are engaging in order to increase the chances of better results. You can achieve this by doing a lot of research and making sure that you consider all your options.
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Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Band

There is so much to consider as a couple when planning for a wedding. One thing that stands out during the preparations however is the need for good music for the reception party. Sadly though, even with prior knowledge of how crucial this is most couples end up rushing through the choice in the last minutes of wedding preparations thus making poor choices that interfere with the celebration. If you do not want to disappoint your guests by offering anything less than cool music for your wedding then you need to consider the following aspects.

Consider the playlist selection

A good number of bands fail to offer clients an option to build a suitable playlist. Contrary to their advertising, most of these bands want to be in control and will manipulate the songs as they deem fit. It is always a good idea to find out from the band if they have a choice that allows you to participate in song selection. You should email them your favorite songs and wait for their response before deciding if it is in your favor to hire them.

Find out if the band can play between sets

Getting a band that plays cool music for your wedding day without having to hire an extra DJ can have positive financial implications. It is important to find a band that is willing to cover all sessions of the wedding. Pay attention when hiring a band since not all bands will be willing to offer extra services freely. One thing you can be sure of is uncompromising music quality therefore leaving you with a task of researching on a band that is affordable and available.

Special first song

As is common in weddings, most couples will have a special first dance song. Usually this involves mastering the song before and preparing for it thus, the need to find a band that is willing to go the extra mile. For couples who do not have any special songs finding a kind band to offer suggestions and learn a new song without extra charges would be a great idea.

Time that the band has been in existence

It is not enough for a wedding band to be a great band as it need to be well versed with wedding events. Familiarity around these events is a key consideration. Make sure that you are comfortable with how the band organizes its music for the day. Going with a band for the wedding entertainment can turn out to be the most significant investment in the whole wedding especially if you make the right choice of band from the start.
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Wedding Bands – What Are The Top Considerations?

If you’re a soon to be bride or groom, you must have thought of hiring a wedding band. There are many perks in hiring a band. The wedding band can most definitely help you set the mood for everybody, especially on the reception. A wedding band is able to captivate their audience in a lot of different ways. If you think about it, pre-recorded music on an event such as a wedding doesn’t feel very authentic. Hiring a wedding band would require you an emcee, but you don’t need to worry about that anymore. Anybody in the band, most likely the lead singer, will be taking care of that.

If you are really considering a band for your wedding, here are some of the factors that you have to look into before hiring one:

Budget – wedding is an expensive event. It’s quite possible that by the time you decide to hire a wedding band that you like, your budget may not be as huge as expected. If that is the case, you have to eagerly find a good wedding band that charges for a lower rate. You can try to hire smaller bands. Most of the time, they have the most affordable rate, and they are also equally good.

Band’s reputation – before accepting the services of a certain band, you may want to look into their profile. Yes, budget is indeed a big factor, bit hiring the right wedding band is more important. Make sure that they will be able to deliver before you hand them the job. You can ask some info from their past clients about them. Checking the internet can also help. The band can have a webpage where people post comments about their services. You can scan their past clients testimonials and feedbacks to make sure you are indeed hiring the right set of people. You have to make sure that they are professional.

Playlist of the band – before deciding on hiring the band, ask what kind of music they play. If they are not to your liking, you can ask them if they can play certain songs for you for the whole wedding. After all, it’s your day, you get the last say. You get the last say. Also, try to remember that a wedding is where people gather to celebrate. Your guests will be standing, dancing and celebrating the union of the two people they know. With this matter, it’s best for you to hire a wedding band that looks professional and sound great. Their choice of music should get people up and dancing.

Number of people in the band – let’s face it! There are numerous bands nowadays that have around 8 or more members. If the venue where your wedding is going to hold is quite tiny, they may not be accommodated well. If the band you chose is a big one with a lot of members, you might want to talk to your organizer to see where they can be accommodated well.
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