How do you think about Time?

At the beginning of a new year you often hear people talk about how fast time flies, like an arrow. Of course the longer you live, the shorter an hour feels relative to the number of hours you have lived. But the feeling of time having flown past is also a reflection of missed opportunity, that perhaps you could have spent or invested your time better.

Last year in April, I had the privilege of attending the Wealth Dynamics Entrepreneur Business School (EBS) in Bali, Indonesia. The EBS training was hosted and mentored by Roger Hamilton. Over 320 participants from 20 countries gathered in the main ballroom of Le Meridien Bali.

Roger led an exercise on reframing how you think about Time, using the metaphor of hours as droplets of time, which can be collected and channeled in ways that lead to both accumulation and increased flow of wealth. This metaphor came from his book on the subject, Wink and Grow Rich (Wealth Dynamics), with an illustration of how to Invest Your Time: 24 Drops shown above.

I think that this is a far better way to think about time, than the image of time flying like an arrow.

Time Drops Create Wealth Flow

The implications of this metaphor are profound, and lead to practical steps for how to apply this in your life and business. We are all given the same number of hours in a day, be we do not all value those hours the same. The first step is to value your time as you value your life. They are closely interwoven. There are key words which will help you do this.

Collect your resources
Find containers to collect your output over time. This can be a blog, a diary, a book, a product, anything which takes a shape that remains over time for other people to recognize its value and potential. And that value will grow over time as the contents become increasingly relevant.

Connect with people
Find networks to connect with people over space. This can be a group or association, online or offline, any group that regularly communicates and trades through a system over the same channels, and one which grows stronger by association. That value too will grow over time as your contribution to the network becomes increasingly evident.

Collaborate on projects
Form partnerships to collaborate with others whose resources and networks complement and enhance your own. This can be a project, a product, a company, or even volunteer venture based on trust, similar values, and mutual merit, a bond which strengthens through action. The value of this too will increase through synergy, as the value of the partnership exceeds the value of the separate partners.

Celebrate by sharing
Make commitments to share the benefits with others who recognize your value and want to share in the process. This can be a social enterprise, donation of money or services, teaching process, or rally of support, one which gains momentum through inspiration and gratitude.

If you can value and use time in this way, you will never lack for ideas or support.

Are you ready to collectconnectcollaborate, and celebrate in 2009?

Do you have the motivation to act, but need help in finding containersnetworkspartnerships, and commitments in which to invest your time and effort?

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Understanding the Benefits of Using Bamboo Sheets

There is no question at all that people are using far more resources than they ought to. The world is using too many resources and not enough conservation efforts are actually helping the process. Luckily, there seem to be more and more companies out there that are doing whatever they can to make sure that we are able to sustain the quality of our world while continuing to produce some truly unique products.

Many people think that bamboo is one way out of all our troubles. This is a plant that grows around the world, and it is easily one of the fastest-growing and most versatile plants we have. There are all kinds of things that can be made from bamboo. In looking around, you can see all sorts of bamboo bed sheets for sale. You can use the following piece to get a much better idea of how bamboo bedding has led to some significant changes to our economy.

The first thing to know about bamboo is what makes it such a versatile and useful material. Bamboo has been rated as easily the top renewable resource. Bamboo grows incredibly rapidly, which means that it’s very easy and cheap to have a constant supply of bamboo ready to go. Because it’s so simple to get the materials growing, you will find that things made from bamboo are considered some of the most environmentally-friendly products around. You’re going to find that there are all kinds of great reasons to consider helping the planet by purchasing your own bamboo pillow.

Of course, there are all kinds of useful bedding products made from bamboo. You can even find a number of different shops who are selling organic bamboo sheets that will keep you warm and cozy each and every night. These bamboo sheets are only going to become more and more affordable as time goes on, because there are going to be many production companies setting up shop in the years to come. Even if you’re only buying a bamboo memory foam pillow at the present time, you can continue to pick up new pieces more and more often, which will allow you to really expand what you have.

It’s quite easy to see why so many different people are becoming interested in bamboo bed sheets. No matter whether you’re looking to improve your quality of sleep, are wanting to improve the planet, or any other reason, there is plenty of evidence to support the purchase of bamboo products.
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The Benefits of Switching to Bamboo Bedding

There are not many places in your life you can go to where you should feel as comfortable as you do in your bedroom. This is the one place in your life where you should be able to completely escape from the world around you. Not to mention you are going to be spending years of your life in your bedroom because of the amount of time that you spend sleeping. You can increase your productivity each day by getting a better night of sleep. This starts by having a bed that is supportive and comfortable for you to sleep on. The right bedding is also going to be important for improving the sleep you get. There are actually many reasons why you are going to want to consider getting bamboo bedding for your bedroom.

When you think about bamboo and the different products made out of it, you probably do not picture bamboo bedding. But, it is used in the production of pillows and sheets because of the versatility of the fibrous plant. You can actually improve the quality of the sleep you get a great deal from purchasing a bamboo memory foam pillow. This is because it can eliminate soreness in your neck because of the support it gives to your head.

Another reason that you are going to want to consider purchasing bamboo bedding is because it is very eco-friendly. Not only is bamboo and extremely fast growing tree, but bamboo bedding is far more breathable of a fabric than cotton sheets. This makes it so they keep you warmer in cold weather, and cooler in hot weather. This makes it so you can turn your heat or AC down and still be comfortable when you sleep at night.

There are plenty of places you are going to be able to find bamboo bedding if you are on the market to buy some. You are likely to find a better price and a wider selection when you shop online for bamboo bedding. But, you can find a lot of great bamboo bedding options when you go to any home goods store.

The bedding you use is going to affect the night of sleep that you get. You are going to find a lot of benefits to switching to bamboo sheets in your bedroom. You are going to be able to find a great selection of them when you go online and shop for them.
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Finding DJ Equipment For Digital DJs

Traditionally, a DJ setup consisted of two turntables; a mixture and some speaker. These days, there are new technological inventions thus digital DJs can select for different ways of playing their music. The digital DJs are able to use turntables, CD turntables, computer software or any other combination. Buying of DJs Equipment for the first time is challenging to any digital DJ. It is easy for the digital DJs to get confused or overwhelmed since there are various options out there. Before purchasing the equipment, it is important for digital DJs to put certain factors into consideration.

Before buying DJ Equipment, it is important for any digital DJ to consider their budget. Your budget greatly affects what DJ Equipments you can buy. It is important to be very careful in your plan even though people consider this to be an easy task. It is advisable to write down the amount of money you intend to spend and the reasons why you want to purchase. If you want to purchase equipment for trial; it is advisable to buy an inexpensive DJ system that will help you to decide on whether you want to make another step further. It is advisable to save for a better quality equipment if you have a passion for DJing. Making a larger initial investment is important because starting with a cheaper equipment and upgrading with time can cost you more in the long run. Low priced equipment is also of lower grade and can hinder your learning curve.

It is important that a digital DJ selects the specific equipment that they want. This is the choosing of the brand and model of the equipment you want to buy. This is not an easy task especially for most upcoming DJs. It is recommended for one to carry out thorough research by inquiring from friends, colleagues and family members. It is also important to search for the equipment online and pay particular attention to clients reviews. Calling the local DJ store to ask for their opinion is important after this. Research on equipment that is in your price range and makes a wise decision based on a combination of features, brand confidence and product review.

Considering other extra commodities is important. This include headphones, needles, interconnect cables, and speakers. All DJs need a good pair of professional headphones. Headphones enable DJs to be in a position to listen to the mix on a separate channel of the mixer that is not playing over the speaker. They will hear the mix sounding before the crowd hears it.
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Shopping for Body Jewelry Online

As you start shopping online for items like gauges and plugs, you need to take the time to read through the details very carefully, because they are all different. Rather than shop for something based solely on how it looks, you need to find the item that fits the correct size of your piercing. If you keep this in mind, you can keep from ordering the wrong one and having to wait longer while you send it back for a substitution.

Information on sizing is easy to obtain and then you just need to match that up with the documentation the piercer gave you originally. Anytime you’re ready to buy something new after this, you can look at this if you keep it in safe place. The guide that is offered on these websites can also be printed off if you’re not sure of your current jewelry size and you can use this as a comparison tool.

The metal that your jewelry is made out of can be important too if you have specific allergies. Depending on what your needs are, you can choose the type of metal just like you would a normal option as you’re going through the order process. Before you place a complete order, get suggestions from a dermatologist, especially if you haven’t placed an order like this before. With their expertise, you’ll learn which metals are the best to start with and which are safe in general.

The website should also give you information about how to clean each piece of jewelry, so make sure you read through this and understand it before you accidentally ruin the finish of one of your favorite pieces. The only cleaning supplies you need are cheap to buy and can be obtained at your local drugstore. In order to ensure that everything heals together properly, go ahead and do both cleaning procedures at the same time. Once the piercing process is finished, they should be able to show you how to clean it right then.

You’ll note that many of these sites also offer online help chat support, and you can use this at any time to get answers to your questions, even if you have to leave an email message for them to reply to later on. The process of getting body jewelry is not only fun, but it gives you another way to express yourself creatively. Find out who is most recommended in your local area and set up an appointment with them, so they can suggest an online store to get your jewelry from. Since it’s their business to create happy clients, the information they give you will be reliable.
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Preventing SQL Software Injection Attacks

The SQL software is widely used for all kinds of data management throughout the word these days. It is a reliable, consistent and fast compared to other Microsoft product. It is a day to day occurrence of web servers and systems being probed, scanned and attacked. Attacks occur in the form of viruses and worms. The most prone ones to attacks are web applications, application security software, web server security and the overall website security. Also referred to as inference attack, SQL software injection is the most malicious hacking method. The attack involves the addition of SQL code to the web from input box by the attacker in order to access resources or change data. In most cases a blacklisting can occur due to excessive number of errors in form of the username and the password. One can be denied access when they attempt to access it. However if the attacker entered an SQL command instead of the username and the password, in approximately sixty percent of web pages will allow access. The attacker is in a position to download the whole database after the command is executed.

Lack of security of web application code during the application process can lead to injections according to research. The most suitable way of securing applications is through limiting access to those permitted to have an access. Using Secure Shells that provide strong and secure pas of information over dangerous channel makes this possible. Through a TCP connection, the client computer are able to access the web server and the database server over the internet. This secures the connection by encrypting the data streams for example passwords and other sensitive data therefore eliminating network level attacks.

Encryption of sensitive data such as credit card information, social security numbers and account information is important. This will help to increase the safety of the software against any possible SQL injection attacks. Captured data is rendered useless and not worth any extra cost through encryption. It is also crucial to avoid dynamic queries that are made across the internet in clear text reveals sensitive data for example usernames, passwords and account numbers. Not using dynamic queries at all is highly recommended.

Another possible way of avoiding SQL software injection attacks is the use of security-based application. For security reasons, one can also write secure codes and programs. The created forms should not accept user input to SQL queries without vigorous testing and challenge. When you limit the type of characters and number characters that are acceptable in the form box you enhance the security of the forms.

To ensure increased profits it is advisable that webmasters make use of the safety precautions.
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Factors to Consider when Choosing an SQL Software

Data persistence is one challenge that most developers experience on a daily basis. Fortunately, all software issues can be addressed with a few data management solutions. SQL is one such solution used in the industry for several years. The only problem is that its effectiveness has been contested in the recent past making users take a step back before adopting its use. Here are some of the things, which may help you make the right decision.

Data type

Your storage needs influence the type of database solution you go for. Usually, a conventional SQL system will be enough for any well-defined and properly structured data types. On the other hand, if yours is a molecular model data structure, which is highly unstructured, then this may not be the best fit. Most developers use noSQL systems for such data types.

Database volatility

Your software development needs can change quickly without any winning. Most professionals cannot guarantee implementation on the first attempt for this reason. In case the data persistence is likely to change in future than SQL is not the best solution for your project. An alternative that is likely to offer less rigidity compared to SQL will be more suited for your project.

Factor in the cost and time value

Never underestimate the essence of time in a software development cycle. In the past companies invested in the hiring of software developers who increased software development time and costs. You need to weigh the costs of using SQL versus noSQL solutions to know what works for you best.


Data size grows exponentially as more data needs storage. This has been an issue with SQL because the cost increases as the system scales vertically. Other alternatives will offer a cheaper option because of the provision of node addition in the database cluster. However, the final decision depends on what you consider most convenient for you.

Learning perspective and data mining considerations

Both data mining and machine learning are data processing and analysis procedures. These are crucial for extraction of useful data and patterns, which influence your decision-making. The fact that these techniques apply in enormous and versatile situations means that there is need to get a good system or software.

The above considerations are enough for any person looking for data management solution to make a decision. However, it is important that you remember that the best software for drastic changes or when dealing with versatile and enormous data is a noSQL. On the contrary, when dealing with smaller projects that are homogeneous in nature the SQL software will serve your needs effectively.
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Tips on Finding the Next Book Author for Your Reading

Reading has been for centuries a wonderful form of entertainment as well as a jewel in enriching the mind. You can find so many different kinds of books from all countries, continents and cultures. But how can a good author be determined from the more mediocre ones that will be a waste of time? Looking for a new book author whose books you may want to explore is made easy with the following tips.

The first tip is to research. Gather together a list of names that you find online, choosing from your favorite genre or era. The next thing to do is explore the details. Find out how many best sellers the book author was able to achieve. Are the reviews good? You should remember that the best book will be adored by some and detested by others, not simply ‘liked’ by everyone. You must not skip reading reviews to form your own judgments, then.

If you are at a book store, you should scan a book you are considering to take note of the style of writing the author uses. An author can have an amazing story idea, but his writing style may daunt or bore the reader, covering up the beauty of the story. You should keep in mind that styles are neither exactly good or bad; one style fits some people while another will do for another group.

The next question that comes after a book has been bought and consumed is if you should continue collecting this author’s books or switch to trying another author. There are few things you must keep in mind before deciding. Naturally the first one is if the book has been enjoyable to you. You should read books for recreation, to enjoy and be entertained, and if the book you have read has failed to do just that, you should consider switching to another author. Next, consider whether the book has enriched you. You may be entertained by many books, but entertainment is not everything you should get out of reading. On the other hand, there are books that get you seeing more out of life and gaining a deeper understanding of people, events or situations. Also, don’t ignore the language, vocabulary and sentence structures the author uses, as these will also lead to greater enrichment when they are good.

Choosing a book author can be daunting, but it can also be extremely enjoyable and exciting. Make sure, then, that you keep the tips stated before in mind to ensure that you are enriched as well as entertained by the books you buy. Books leave us changed for life, and what is important is not only how successful the author is, but also how well you enjoyed reading the books and what they have given to you.
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The Top Criteria for Picking a Mobile App Software Development Firm

Owning a mobile app for your business is no longer optional, especially with the commonness of hand-held devices. You may, however, find it hard to pick the right mobile app developer since there are many quite a number of providers that have sprung up in the recent past. With the following tips for selecting a reliable mobile app software development company, your selection will be simplified considerably.

Inquire into the date that the company developed its first app for mobile. The answer should be 5 years ago or longer since the first mobile apps were developed around seven years ago. The reason is that such a firm is has been there during the numerous changes and developments that the mobile app sector has witnessed over the years. It is also because the firm has learned to shape its activities and objectives based on these developments.

The company’s activities during the app development process should align with your business strategies. It can be a total loss if you develop an app that does not allow you to meet your business objectives. Consequently, the mobile app development firm should be ready to study your business model before commencing on the development process. This process requires the development company to be ready to design personalized apps for your business.

Check the company’s profile by visiting its homepage. This step will help you identify a company that you will partner with in the impending task. You need to remember that there are various changes needed after the launch of mobile apps that are necessitated by the feedback received from users of the software. You, therefore, need to find a mobile app development company that will stand by your side throughout the lifecycle of the software and not abandon you soon after you launch it.

Ask about the mobile strategy that the company intends to use during the app development process. This step will ensure that your app gets a high number of downloads soon after it is introduced into the market. You should only hire a firm that has a deep understanding of the needs of prospective users and one that has a strategy to meet and exceed them.

The mobile apps developed by the company should feature prominently in the market because this is an indication that people trust its products. Here, the number of downloads made for given mobile apps that the firm has created will guide you to making the correct assessment. It is these numbers that portray the expertise of the company or its absence.

Make use of mobile app development companies reviews. From what you gather here, you will spot companies that have the potential to meet and exceed the requirements of your mobile app.
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Boyd Tinsley: Life and Career Info

An American violinist and mandolinist, Boyd Calvin Tinsley is famous for being a member of the popular Dave Matthews Band. Born on May 16, 1964 in Charlottesville, Virginia, he has been with the same band, collaborating in different capacities, including singing backing vocals, harmonizing, and writing songs for them. He started playing violin when attending middle school, or many years before becoming popular playing with it. The reason why he chose violin was because he wasn’t allowed to play the guitar as part of the school orchestra. It’s interesting to know that only a handful of people can actually remember that he released a solo effort back in 2003, which eventually reached a top 3 rating on the Billboard Internet Sales chart. Eventually, he is best known for helping Dave Matthews Band achieve six consecutive platinum-selling albums.

Family of Music Enthusiasts

As a young boy, Boyd was already exposed to music by his family. His uncle was a known bassist and also played the trumpet in the local music scene while his father was a choir director. Interesting, Boyd and two of his fellow Dave Matthews Band members, Carter Beauford and LeRoid Moore, grew up in the same neighborhood. Though he’s a violinist, playing the instrument was not really developed by way of love for it since he was more interested in playing the guitar. In his teens, he became a part of the Charlottesville-Albemarle Youth Orchestra. He later studied under concertmaster Isidor Saslav of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. This was the opportunity he had to move to the bigger city. However, at 16, Boyd declined the offer and soon after, his interest shifted from orchestra to popular music. He started learning from other musician and listened to rock, blue, and jazz genres.


Before his career started, he attended the University of Virginia, where he joined the Sigma Nu fraternity. This is one of the first places he started participating in music sessions and jams. In the earlier part of the 1990s, he actually formed a band he called as the Boyd Tinsley Trio but it wasn’t a successful one.

In 1991, he got his biggest break when Dave Matthews asked him to submit a demo tape with his band while playing violin for the song “Tripping Billies.” The audition landed him a spot as a new member of the Dave Matthews Band, thereby forcing him to leave his original band, the Boyd Tinsley Trio.

The success of being in a popular band also allowed him to earn more money from endorsements. The most popular are JanSport, Tommy Hilfiger, and Twix. A decade after joining Dave Matthews Band, he made a popular guest appearance on the second album of The Getaway People entitled Turnpike Diaries.
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Top 5 Reasons For Hiring An Expert Witness

There are tons of reasons why an expert can either make or break a court case, which is true. But expert witness testimonies really work, and that is among the biggest benefits of their presence. If you still feel reluctant, here are the leading reasons why their testimonies are extremely crucial.

Reason number 1. Expert witness testimony works – indeed, the expert’s testimony has always been a huge help with regards to the representation of facts in a more accurate and clear manner, that will make the juries understand it much better. At times, due to the complex technical speak and medical jargon involve in toxicology cases, it has become quite difficult even for expert legal professionals to have all these facts presented. Primarily because of the reason that juries are relying on the expert witness testimonies, these people can be really persuasive and convincing.

Reason number 2. Expert witness provide more than testimonies – the testimony that is provided by expert witness is only a small part of their service. To put it simply, it is already a valuable material to have their testimony. However, a professional and experienced expert witness has the knowledge and broader understanding of what it takes to help a certain case to win or lose. With this being said, it can bring significant influence to the outcome of the case to employ an expert.

Reason number 3. Expert witnesses aren’t just for the defense of legal team – one of the very common perceptions that people have is that, only the defense legal team chooses to work with expert witnesses. This on the contrary is nothing but just a pure misbelieve as the prosecuting and defense legal teams can make use of their service. At any given time that a licensed professional has made facts to be spoken clearly, it basically creates a really strong argument to hire get testimony from such witnesses.

Reason number 4. Expert witnesses usually achieve settlement – let us say for example that the main objective of the legal proceedings is to attain a reasonable and fair settlement instead of dragging the case through several years of complicated court proceedings and litigations, then it is going to be worthwhile to consult expert witnesses. In most instances, having the expertise and knowledge that a true professional testifying in the court is enough for the other party be convinced to settle things out of court.

Reason number 5. Expert witnesses provide expert insights – qualified witnesses are able to deliver vision and insight needed to guarantee a positive result through litigation even if the testimony from expert witness isn’t much necessary.
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