How do you think about Time?

At the beginning of a new year you often hear people talk about how fast time flies, like an arrow. Of course the longer you live, the shorter an hour feels relative to the number of hours you have lived. But the feeling of time having flown past is also a reflection of missed opportunity, that perhaps you could have spent or invested your time better.

Last year in April, I had the privilege of attending the Wealth Dynamics Entrepreneur Business School (EBS) in Bali, Indonesia. The EBS training was hosted and mentored by Roger Hamilton. Over 320 participants from 20 countries gathered in the main ballroom of Le Meridien Bali.

Roger led an exercise on reframing how you think about Time, using the metaphor of hours as droplets of time, which can be collected and channeled in ways that lead to both accumulation and increased flow of wealth. This metaphor came from his book on the subject, Wink and Grow Rich (Wealth Dynamics), with an illustration of how to Invest Your Time: 24 Drops shown above.

I think that this is a far better way to think about time, than the image of time flying like an arrow.

Time Drops Create Wealth Flow

The implications of this metaphor are profound, and lead to practical steps for how to apply this in your life and business. We are all given the same number of hours in a day, be we do not all value those hours the same. The first step is to value your time as you value your life. They are closely interwoven. There are key words which will help you do this.

Collect your resources
Find containers to collect your output over time. This can be a blog, a diary, a book, a product, anything which takes a shape that remains over time for other people to recognize its value and potential. And that value will grow over time as the contents become increasingly relevant.

Connect with people
Find networks to connect with people over space. This can be a group or association, online or offline, any group that regularly communicates and trades through a system over the same channels, and one which grows stronger by association. That value too will grow over time as your contribution to the network becomes increasingly evident.

Collaborate on projects
Form partnerships to collaborate with others whose resources and networks complement and enhance your own. This can be a project, a product, a company, or even volunteer venture based on trust, similar values, and mutual merit, a bond which strengthens through action. The value of this too will increase through synergy, as the value of the partnership exceeds the value of the separate partners.

Celebrate by sharing
Make commitments to share the benefits with others who recognize your value and want to share in the process. This can be a social enterprise, donation of money or services, teaching process, or rally of support, one which gains momentum through inspiration and gratitude.

If you can value and use time in this way, you will never lack for ideas or support.

Are you ready to collectconnectcollaborate, and celebrate in 2009?

Do you have the motivation to act, but need help in finding containersnetworkspartnerships, and commitments in which to invest your time and effort?

If you want to learn more about how to do this, subscribe to this blog at the upper right hand column, for updates on how you can create wealth flow through resourcespeopleprojects, and sharing.

If you are starting to build your brand online, then you just cannot wing it. There are many steps that need to be taken to not only promote your brand, name, client, or service, you must PROTECT it. I’ve seen many clients upset about someone making use of their name in a bad light. Check out this video from Jody Jelas to find out some genuine steps to fix it.

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Important Things To Know About Dentistry

Dentistry is a branch of medicine which is usually involved in having to evaluate, diagnose, prevent and also treat by surgical or non surgical procedures of the various problems of teeth. It mostly focuses on the oral cavity, maxillofacial area and also the different organs that are near the mouth and its important uses in the body of a person. Dentistry is mostly considered very important so that people can easily have a complete overall health and for people that practices dentistry, they are called dentists and they too also have a support team that can give them helpful service.

The team of these dentists that support them in giving oral health services would include dental assistants, dental hygienists, dental technicians and also dental therapists. Dentistry are also made up of different dental practices that concerns the oral cavity, oral diseases are one of the biggest major health problems because of their high occurrence around the world. In today’s time, dentistry usually focuses in prevention, treatment and also intervention of the various dental problems and one of the biggest problems with which people get to experience today is dental caries and various gum diseases.

Once of the mostly common treatments which involves in having to restore teeth is trying to treat dental caries by having it filled, removing of the teeth by having it surgically removed and also scaling of teeth which have gum problems. Almost all types of dentists would have to train for more than a couple of years in a university, they usually focuses on dental treatments like trying to restore them and also installing prosthetics and providing therapy options.

Dentists can easily prescribe various medicines like antibiotics, fluorides and also sedatives but the medicines that they mostly prescribe are mostly really limited compared to normal physicians. Dentists are also needed to do additional qualification training in order for them to do additional treatments that are really complicated like sedation, oral and also maxillofacial surgeries and having to install different implants to the mouth of their different patients.

Dentists mostly encourages the prevention of dental caries by doing proper hygiene, they mostly endorse people to brush their teeth and also do flossing and they provide tips on how to clean teeth. Dentistry is really important in our society today because people need to have a healthy life and they can live this type of life when their teeth are also healthy and clean. People must search for a great dentist in their city and they can do this by doing important research and also looking at phone directories and ask for referrals from people which they really trusts on a dentist.
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Getting to Know More about Restorative Dentistry

Dentistry is known as the techniques that are used for treating and diagnosing various illnesses of the teeth. Dentistry has changed these days and it’s a long way from what people used to associate it with which is pain. Dentistry is totally different from that and a vital element of it is restorative dentistry.

By the term itself restorative dentistry, it’s that branch in dentistry that focuses a lot on teeth restoration. When it comes to restorative dentistry, it is about applying corrections to the dental condition of a person which causes him to suffer. When you have teeth that have been decayed, misshaped, misaligned, and damaged, then it is restorative dentistry that can help you. In these modern times, people may experience longer lifespans; thus it has become a lot more important that you maintain your oral health for a long time. Dental professionals who are practicing restorative dentistry require professional qualifications so that they can treat dental problems.

One of the most popularly used dentistry procedures used by dentists is the dental implant. Such implants are those titanium root forms that are positioned within the jawbone of the missing tooth. This titanium root is implanted surgically on the jawbone which the tooth vacated. That part where the implant was added is left for healing for a period of time. The time for healing depends on the patient and various other factors. It’s a restorative dentist who can easily apply dental implants to replace the missing tooth or teeth of a patient.

With restorative dentistry, there are two things that are often performed as techniques and these are crowns and bridges. The idea for the application of this process is to make the teeth appear better. In restorative dentistry, crowns and bridges are used for the purpose of improving the gap between the teeth of a person. When it comes to misaligned and misshaped teeth that makes you feel ashamed to smile, all it needs is a visit to the restorative dentist.

Anybody may be able to lose a tooth or teeth for a lot of reasons. There can be several factors to losing teeth such as old age, an accident, or perhaps a medical condition that any person is suffering from. Missing teeth can be a major cause of embarrassment and may also affect a person’s social and personal life. However with the help of restorative dentistry, such people have been able to overcome the condition and have led socially productive lives. All you need to do is to visit the restorative dentist for you to be guided on what has to be done for your particular dental condition. It’s necessary for you to follow fundamental rules so that you can maintain your dental health for a certain period of time.
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Smart Ideas: Experts Revisited

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Get the Best Dentist for Your Dentistry Needs

It is quite hard on your part for you to make sure that every dentistry need that you have is met and that is understood because a lot of people would agree to this. The reason behind this is because of the fact that there are so many dental offices to choose from and therefore determining which is the right one is difficult. But this should not stop you from knowing which is the right one because of the fact that there are so many things that you can give a try so that you will be able to find the right one. What you will see below are some of the many tips that you can give a try and the task of having to know which is the right dental clinic for you can be determined easily with these steps.

Have a Talk with Your Insurance Provider

When you are faced with the task of having to find the best dental clinic for your dentistry needs, the very first thing that you should be able to do is to have a consultation with your service provider. For sure you are aware of the fact that availing of dental work can be a burden on your budget and therefore it will be greatly advantageous on your part if you have an insurance. The reason behind as to why it is of utmost importance on your part to seek the consultation of your insurance provider is because of the fact that you will be able to know which of the dental offices are covered under your plan. You can now continue your search in full gear if you have been able to come up with a list of the possible dentists you want to work with.

Inquire for Recommendations

The next step that you should take after you have been able to have a talk with your insurance provider is for you to ask for one or more recommendations. When talking about matters concerning dentistry, it is of utmost importance that you will have any dental work done by a person that you can trust. And in order for you make sure that this will happen, what you can do is for you to ask for recommendations from a coworker, a friend or a family member. You might have noticed that a lot of people already have a dentist that they keep coming back to and thus, this is something that you should take advantage of because you can ask from the people around you if they are happy or not with the dental treatment they get. By doing this step, you can now be assured that as the times comes near that you already have to face the dentist, your mind is now more at ease and your now have gained more confidence.

Know More About the Offered Services

And last but not the least, before you will make an appointment, it is of utmost importance that you will be able to find out what are the offered services.
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Custom Jewelry and Its Advantages

When you talk about custom jewelry, it is the epitome of affordability and style. It is one of the things that can make you stand out in a crowd. If you love jewelry being incorporated in your everyday style, then custom designed jewelry is perfect for you. Custom jewelry is unique and chic. They are not categorized with the gems and regular jewelries. Custom made items can definitely compliment a person’s style.

Fine jewelry is the other terminology of custom made jewelry. There are numerous online sites that can give you a picture of samples and their price range. Customizing jewelry today is a lot easier because of the technology we have today. If you’re planning to propose, or you’re planning to buy wedding rings for your upcoming wedding, you can talk to a jewelry designer so that he or she can create custom made designs for you. In this way, the jewelry is personalized. This can make everything extra special. You can also request for custom made sets like personalized necklaces, earrings, bands, brooches and many more that can go together with the wedding.

What are the 3 advantages of buying custom jewelry?

One of a kind – custom jewelry will always be that one special thing that nobody has. Although a custom made jewelry is one of a kind, you can also have it replicated for a loved one. Just imagine the thought of you giving a jewelry that it custom made for your girlfriend, fiance or daughters. They would certainly feel really special because you took the time to find a jewelry that would fit their personality. Buying a jewelry alone for a loved one is already a wonderful gesture, but purchasing a custom made one designed by you will certainly make them feel really special.

Inexpensive – not everyone can afford real diamonds. But just because you can’t afford real diamonds doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy any alternative for it. Jewelries are an expression of style and personality. So how do you go the inexpensive route? You go for the custom made jewelry. You can perfectly replicate real jewelry with stainless steel and high quality crystals, and the technique of the designer too, of course. You don’t have to buy real diamonds. Any jewelry will look good as long as it is made well. With imagination and patience, you can own a jewelry that nobody else has, and it is inexpensive too.

Expresses your personality – Yes, jewelry can express your personality! There are numerous people who have varied fashion sense, style and preference. But let’s admit the fact that not all jewelry can look good in every outfit. Whether you are glamorous or a gothic, you can express yourself through custom made jewelry.

All you have to do is check the internet. Find the right shop that suits your taste when it comes to custom jewelry. It’s definitely the money’s worth. You can wear it for yourself or you can give it to someone you love.
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Guidelines On Hiring Dentists

Your teeth must be checked regularly by the most suitable professional for the job. You need to hire dentists who will make sure your teeth is well-maintained and will still be present even when you are old and gray. You need to have your teeth maintained at all times. Your teeth is primarily used for chewing food and although it may be extremely durable, that does not mean that you can just take it for granted. It basically like machinery because it is subject to wear and tear as well. There is a need for you to maintain your teeth because you will be using it for the rest of your life. A dentistry profession will help individuals find the ideal professionals to take care of their teeth in the best way possible. It will also help them become more knowledgeable of how best to take care of their teeth as well. Hiring these professionals is extremely important for any individual who wants their teeth in the best possible state. Below are some important factors that you need to keep in mind when hiring these dental experts.

A dental expert will always be able to inform you of all the things you need to know regarding the venture but there is still a need for you to be aware of it yourself. There are basics involved in every project and every venture you engage in so make sure you know everything about yours. When you are aware of this and fully accomplish it then you will be able to proceed in the best way possible. If you want to know more about agencies and how they can help you accomplish what you want then there is always to internet to aid in your search. There are all sorts of options you can choose from online as well. Make sure to choose nothing less than the best.

When you avail of services from a dentist or any other professional, make sure to consider all the important factors beforehand. You need to understand everything that has anything to do with the venture you plan to engage in. You need to be fully aware of what you intend to gain during this venture. Make sure that you set your standards based on the expectations that you have but also keep in mind that you have to know actual facts before doing so.

There is a need for you to research on such companies who can help you with what you intend to achieve.When you visit a dental clinic’s website, make sure to read all the information you have found on the site. There are sure to be positives and negatives about any professional, just make sure that you weigh everything carefully so that you end up making the right choice. Weigh your options carefully and pick hire the one that suits you most.
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The Importance of Dentistry These Days

Everything now has been developing like the medical field of dentistry, but one sub-field remains as is and is still as important as ever and that is the preventive dentistry. Wherever dentist you will go to or ask for a second opinion, they will emphasize to you how essential for each one of us to report any abnormal findings about our oral health and how to keep it healthy. Maintaining your oral health as much as possible means eating a well-balanced diet, changing your toothbrush every three months, and visiting your dentist as required. As soon as you take this seriously, and have grown the knowledge to tell whether you are experiencing teeth or gum problems, you will find yourself with those clean and healthy gums and the risk of getting these oral diseases are reduced into nothing.

The first step that can make your teeth and gums healthier is by boosting up how you clean them and how to keep it as healthy as possible. Though some would say that going to the dentist for a check-up and cleaning can help maintain their oral health but actually that is not just the only thing to be done. If you brush, floss and rinse with the use of fluorides, these will all help avert from dental carries or cavities and other oral diseases. Brushing can help polish the teeth’s surface, making it shine and look really clean, but it can’t reach the gum line or the gaps between the teeth. With flossing, it can go to narrow areas of the mouth, removing unwanted food bits and plaque accumulation that brushing can’t do even if you do it many times. Flossing works if you do it religiously. Rinsing fluorides are well known today that you can get them in any leading stores in your area, and with this, you have now a trio of powerful oral care kit.

Not many people are aware that varying your diet with nutritious food can help in maintaining a healthy mouth. The type of food that you eat for your health may also be a factor why your mouth is not healthy. The dentist will then tell you what kind of food to eat that can make your teeth stronger, and the sweets, juices, and other food that you have to stay away because of its high acid content in them that can hurt your teeth. Acid wear is your teeth’s mortal foe. It isn’t that easy to stay away from food or drinks that contain acid, but if you wish to just don’t forget to brush your teeth right after. If you are in a place where you can’t brush your teeth, you can just rinse your mouth to prevent plaque formation and to remove the acid that got in contact with your teeth.

It is important to see your dentist. Every six months is the recommended time for you to have your teeth cleaned. Every time you see your dentist for a check-up, he will do an x-ray and oral cancer screening on you to check for possible problems. Cancer screening is very crucial since cancer is undetectable. With regular dentist visits, dental carriers and gum diseases are less likely to happen to you.

Being knowledgeable about the proper way of taking care of your teeth pays off. If you don’t know how to take care of your mouth that now you are experiencing cavities, it’s not too late to change and that is by practicing on how to keep your teeth and gums healthy before they get even worse or irreversible to treat. Preventing the formation of cavities or dental carries, and other gum diseases is better for your health.
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Your Future in General Dentistry

Dentistry refers to the healing art and science of maintaining oral health. This is a rather dynamic field of health profession. It offers you opportunities for becoming a successful and highly-respected member of your community.

Being a dental health practitioner allows you to receive excellent compensation. And the demand for oral care is something that is quite likely to continue. Dental health issues can significantly impact systemic health and this promotes the development of skilled professional opportunities year after year. The following are some of the many career opportunities you can pursue with a dentistry degree: dental research, military dentist, dental public policy, academic dentistry, international health care, and academic dentistry.

General dentists make up a large bulk of oral health professionals. Both adults and children can seek the expertise of general dentists in various dental care facilities and settings. These professionals generally have degrees in dental surgery or medicine or both.

Once licensed, dental school graduates can advance to general practice. Others prefer studying for at most two years to have a firm grasp of general practice residency. Another option you can take is completing advanced education degrees.

General dentists make use of up-to-date techniques and equipment in examining the neck, head, and oral cavity. They make a diagnosis of dental condition that can lead to systemic diseases. The dental heal of patients are also looked into. Some of the diagnostic techniques they generally utilize include computer-generated imaging and radiographic imaging.

The internet holds a treasure of information on dental health professions if you are planning to pursue one. You can also use these online resources while you are studying to become a dental health practitioner. Aside from keeping your dental health knowledge updated, you can also develop your professional network with these resources. As already mentioned, interacting with other dental community members is possible through online resources. Blogs, videos, social media, and discussion topics are only some of the networking venues you can utilize.

As previously mentioned, most dentists deliver oral health care through their private practices. In most cases, you can catch dentists in their clinics or dental offices. Treating dental health issues can take quite a long time and this leads dentists to spend as much time as they can on delivering the utmost level of service to their patients. Therefore, if you are serious about pursuing a career in this field, you need to have the right flexibility to determine the number of hours you want to work each week.

General dentists can also become educators and teach students about dental health. You can also be engaged in oral health research. You can also serve the public through getting yourself involved in government and social work services. Unlike private practices, pursuing these paths would require you to be at work 40 hours each week.
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A Quick Guide to Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a very common term used in the USA recently. Simultaneously, many different people have been fighting towards unsecured debts. These 2 conditions are small business disasters and recession. There are a number of small business entrepreneurs who are at the brink of facing bankruptcy as they’d used to carry more than one account. Aside from that, in case of current and saving account in the same bank, creditors have the tendency to seize the savings account of the borrower, which often pushes him/her to filing for a bankruptcy.

For sure, you are looking for ways on how you can prevent this thing from happening. Well, if you badly want to avoid this situation for your small business, then be sure that you are going to read the next few lines.

Number 1: Know your budget limit – this one should be on your priority among other things that you need to know. Make sure to create short term goals that you can follow and never ever left aside bills that must be paid shortly. There are no fast rules and even hard way on how you will be able to avoid bankruptcy but one thing is for certain, the only thing that can save you from it is your perception.

Number 2: Pay your taxes on a timely manner – not paying your taxes may lead to hefty penalties on asset by revenue department of your state or country. And if you don’t pay your taxes on time, a consistent raid may take place that would cause you to deal with bankruptcy in the future. As a result, make sure that your taxes are paid on time and that you’ve zeroed your balance in it.

Number 3: Maintain a different bank account – this thing should not be taken for granted in the event that you are running a small business. The reason is pretty clear, in case of having unsecured debts, you could still save some of your compensating amount from creditors.

Number 4: Avoid loans to repay existing debts – this has never been advised as it only creates more unsecured debts slowly.

Number 5: Transparency to creditors is a must – try to convince your creditors with substantial proofs and causes if you’re facing a financial hardship.

For any small businesses out there to avoid filing for a bankruptcy, the tips mentioned above are going to be very helpful. On the other hand, if you want to be knowledgeable on how to negotiate for the settlement with creditors, it is vitally important to have a thorough understanding of this to properly deal with unsecured debts.
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The Best Ways to Find a Good Dentist

When you are going to see a dentist then you want to be sure that you are able to find a really good one. You don’t want to work with a dentist who is poorly trained who is going to drill into your mouth. For you to be able to find a dentist that you can depend on then there are several steps that you should take. There are lots of dentists that you will be able to find out there and here are some of the things that you may do in order to find one.

What you need to do first is that you have to get some recommendations so that you will be able to find the best dentist. The easiest place to do this is through referrals that you can gather from previous clients or other people. It is not a good decision that you ask a stranger who can take of your teeth but you may ask your family members as well as friends regarding where to find an excellent dentist.

Choosing one dentist can be hard especially if there are lots of options that you can find in your area. You can get some recommendations from those who are close to you. Get to ask a lot of information from them. Make sure that you get several good reasons why you should go for the dentist that they recommended. It is also a great idea that you consult the dentist.

Try visiting several dentists too before you make a final decision about who you should see regularly. You can start first with a list of dentists who are recommended to you and you can then start working on the list. With this, you may search through the names on the list and you will be able to find one who is good. The good dentist is one who is accommodating and you simply have to tell the receptionist that you are interested to have an appointment so that you can be sure that things will work well with that dentist. During the consultation, you will get great ideas about how competent the dentist is and if you feel comfortable working with him or her.

You may also check the websites of the dentists on the internet. The internet will surely help you out to get a long list of dentists in your place. Once you are able to get their names, then you can start visiting and consulting them until you find the person that you want to work with. Through this, things are made much easier and you can even read some testimonials on their website.
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Restorative Dentistry: Gaining Back the Perfect Health of Your Teeth

Having a perfect set of teeth can not only give you a good appearance but it can also boost your confidence level, as well as it can develop your social interacting skills. Say goodbye to your crooked, disfigured or a discolored set of teeth for now you can be able to undergo cosmetic dentistry procedures to have a pleasing smile.

In dentistry, there are several medical health procedures and methods that are being exercised for the treatment and diagnosis of any dental disease that you may have. Long ago, dentistry may have been associated with pain, but not anymore. Restorative dentistry is among the many fields of dentistry that is very important because it deals with the restoration and beautification of the teeth. Restorative dentistry is the procedures in dentistry where in it helps in the restoration of the teeth, as its name obviously suggests. The main purpose of this field of dentistry is restoring the perfect health and natural beauty of the teeth.

Through restorative dentistry, there are several procedure that could possibly be done in restoring the health of the teeth. Through restorative dentistry you can now be able to treat discoloration and misalignment of the teeth. It is important that we maintain our dental health as long as we can because we are not getting any younger. Only the dentists with a professional practice in restorative dentistry are qualified to deal with the restoration procedures of any dental condition.

Dental implant is among the most frequently sought after procedures that are used in the practice of restorative dentistry. A missing tooth would be replaced by implanting a titanium root tooth into the jawbone. A surgical procedure would be done to implant the titanium root into the site of missing tooth to replace it. A healing period would then be needed for the newly implanted tooth. There are several factors that can affect the length of the healing period, depending on the patient. A missing tooth can easily be replaced by restorative dentists through dental implants.

Another procedure in the field of restorative dentistry is the placement of crowns and bridges. Crowns and bridges are also done to make your teeth look beautiful and regain perfect health. If the teeth of a patient has a gap, crowns and bridges are being placed to fill them. If you are ashamed of having misaligned teeth, you can always seek professional help from restorative dentists.

Always remember that you have to regularly visit your dentist and that you have to brush your teeth at least twice every day.
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