How do you think about Time?

At the beginning of a new year you often hear people talk about how fast time flies, like an arrow. Of course the longer you live, the shorter an hour feels relative to the number of hours you have lived. But the feeling of time having flown past is also a reflection of missed opportunity, that perhaps you could have spent or invested your time better.

Last year in April, I had the privilege of attending the Wealth Dynamics Entrepreneur Business School (EBS) in Bali, Indonesia. The EBS training was hosted and mentored by Roger Hamilton. Over 320 participants from 20 countries gathered in the main ballroom of Le Meridien Bali.

Roger led an exercise on reframing how you think about Time, using the metaphor of hours as droplets of time, which can be collected and channeled in ways that lead to both accumulation and increased flow of wealth. This metaphor came from his book on the subject, Wink and Grow Rich (Wealth Dynamics), with an illustration of how to Invest Your Time: 24 Drops shown above.

I think that this is a far better way to think about time, than the image of time flying like an arrow.

Time Drops Create Wealth Flow

The implications of this metaphor are profound, and lead to practical steps for how to apply this in your life and business. We are all given the same number of hours in a day, be we do not all value those hours the same. The first step is to value your time as you value your life. They are closely interwoven. There are key words which will help you do this.

Collect your resources
Find containers to collect your output over time. This can be a blog, a diary, a book, a product, anything which takes a shape that remains over time for other people to recognize its value and potential. And that value will grow over time as the contents become increasingly relevant.

Connect with people
Find networks to connect with people over space. This can be a group or association, online or offline, any group that regularly communicates and trades through a system over the same channels, and one which grows stronger by association. That value too will grow over time as your contribution to the network becomes increasingly evident.

Collaborate on projects
Form partnerships to collaborate with others whose resources and networks complement and enhance your own. This can be a project, a product, a company, or even volunteer venture based on trust, similar values, and mutual merit, a bond which strengthens through action. The value of this too will increase through synergy, as the value of the partnership exceeds the value of the separate partners.

Celebrate by sharing
Make commitments to share the benefits with others who recognize your value and want to share in the process. This can be a social enterprise, donation of money or services, teaching process, or rally of support, one which gains momentum through inspiration and gratitude.

If you can value and use time in this way, you will never lack for ideas or support.

Are you ready to collectconnectcollaborate, and celebrate in 2009?

Do you have the motivation to act, but need help in finding containersnetworkspartnerships, and commitments in which to invest your time and effort?

If you want to learn more about how to do this, subscribe to this blog at the upper right hand column, for updates on how you can create wealth flow through resourcespeopleprojects, and sharing.

If you are starting to build your brand online, then you just cannot wing it. There are many steps that need to be taken to not only promote your brand, name, client, or service, you must PROTECT it. I’ve seen many clients upset about someone making use of their name in a bad light. Check out this video from Jody Jelas to find out some genuine steps to fix it.

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Unique Gift Ideas: Customized Name Art

If you think you have thought of every possible thing a person can give as gifts to their love ones, then you might get surprised to hear that out of art, you can come up with a really simple yet very unique gift. The term name arts or word arts are unlikely to be given out as gifts to special people although the sense of this is really unique when as compared to other gifts because this basically gives the receiver the unique feeling of having to see a word art made solely for them.

Name art is made out of unusual alphabet images to come up with a visual representation of a special someone’s name and to be given as a gift. Because it will be inside a frame, it has to have a really good background to properly compliment the name inside the frame and this can be done by having a mosaic-like output with the background. Yes it is true that these name arts have become popular at one point in the past but what makes them different from each other is that they have brand names and company names engraved to each and every one of the items. With those brand names and company names engraved there, it cannot be called a very unique present because the company may have produced a large volume of these names.

But with today’s name art, you will have full control of what are the things you want to include in every inch of it so it will show as a really unique one and solely made for them so to speak.

Names and designs count but if you really have a good imagination you can come up with adding a special item to represent how intense you feel for this special someone or even something that will represent your relation with this someone.

Yes this gift may show that it really is simple, but the thought that someone really did take time in coming up with this detail-oriented item gives a whole level of feeling for the receiver. The feeling of seeing this name art really send memories of the person who gave you this and that is really priceless.

So the next time your special someone’s birthday is just around the corner, take a seat and consider giving this simple gift because it may be really simple but the thought of spending time and effort to come up with this special piece will surely bring a whole new level of feeling for the receiver.
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Including a Mobile App in Your Business

It is important to have powerful business mobile apps, most especially in today’s marketplace- whatever industry or size it may be. The majority of small business owners perceived that it is way too expensive to attain an app and believed that their own business website is just enough for business marketing. To have a developing apps is profitable especially for small business therefore it is vital for owners to know about this. Because of the flourishing trend of mobile searching as well as browsing, to develop an app can likely boost your business’ marketing.

Here are lists of facts why it is essential to invest on mobile apps for your small business start-up and how it is worthy to have it for your marketplace survival and success as well.

Keeps Your Buyer Engaged

A business mobile app is the most ideal approach to keep your clients joined with your product or services. With the continually expanding prominence of mobile searching, today, your application is amazingly helpful for your business development. The likelihood is that they bring about lots of new customers by means of reminding them to pull back into your products as well as services. Essentially, through nonexclusive search, mobile app can help you reach a larger number of clients than a general site.

If you have a good mobile app, you can likely gain a paying customers by interacting to them with the use of better profile. The demographics and significant data accessible on the scene can upgrade the span of your business. All of these are must be done to provide all mobile users a great user experience as well as be engaged. This way, the apps is a good way in making your business standout since it builds up unique customer relationship.

Useful in Marketing your Products and Services

The advantage of acquiring business mobile apps is it will showcase your products and services as well. Guest will have the capacity to do a one-stop access to your business image. The ability to do a consistent application updates will provide new products or services of your business. This likewise helps you drive more deals. Let your mobile business apps gained lots of guests by offering overwhelming discounts or rebates.

Provides Huge Investment Return

The majority of entrepreneurs believed that having a business mobile apps can cost them a lot of money most especially for app upgrades. Even if acquiring such app will cost you high, it has the capability of providing you great benefits in the long run. Your business can achieve great success if you obtain mobile apps.
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Why People Need To Buy A Custom Table Cloth

People today love to have a well designed table cloth, and if they are buying a table cloth for their home, they need to buy a table cloth that is really unique and also well designed. But this does not get to mean that people need to choose a table cloth that have really weird prints and also very colorful. People would mostly consider a certain number of things before they can easily buy a table cloth and the shade of the table cloth is usually one of these considerations.

People would also search to buy a table cloth that they have not purchased, and for them to have a unique table cloth they can try and purchase a custom table cloth. People can easily get to have a table cloth that have certain prints and if they would to choose to have a plain colored custom table cloth, they can choose one which have dark shades like brown and also dark pink.

Choosing a custom table cloth would depend on the placement of the table cloth. One example is that if they are planning to put it in their own living room which has a big space, they can get to choose to easily have darker colors of their custom table cloth due to the fact it really looks good. There are surely a number of companies that mostly manufacture custom table cloth, they can easily try to visit their website and try and order a custom made table cloth.

People can also make their own custom table cloth made from their own design and get to order them to be shipped in their home. A number of people would decorate their very own custom table cloth where if they want to use it in dining tables, these custom table cloth have really beautifully designed pictures and also colors. There are custom table cloth which are made from satin materials where people knows that it has a good fall, it is also really durable due to a number of materials have fibers that would be weaker and also get to start come off.

People need to choose a custom table cloth that matches their color to their chairs, they cannot choose a table cloth that are made from bright colors if their chair is dark colored. People need to try and do their research on how they can choose a good custom table cloth to have, they can get visit websites that have great information on how they can choose a custom table cloth which have good designs and prints.
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Be Young Again With The Right Skin Cream

For most people in today’s generation, there would be so many things that they would be doing just to get their skin to what we could say beautiful for the society today. Our skin would be battling so many things in our everyday life and this means that you will need something to repair your skin cells and ensure that they are healthy.

Even before, people have started finding different things that they could use for getting their skin look beautiful. Now that we are living in a world where technology has become more and more advanced, skin products are now getting the best upgrades that people could use for their quest in getting the best skin.

We all know that there are several kinds of skin products that we could find in the market today from products that can be taken orally to those that goes for surgeries, there are also so many people that prefer to use skin cream. The reason why a lot of people are really into finding the right skin cream in the market today is because you can directly apply it to your skin and wait for the results, also it will never hurt you when you’re going to apply it to your skin.

You should know that it’s not just about one kind of skin cream that is being sold in the market in fact there are so many different variations of these skin creams that you would need to choose from. You should know that there would be a different kind of skin cream for whiteheads, pimples or any other skin conditions that you may have and this means you will have to research more about their differences and their effects on you. Not only that you will have to choose from so many different companies when it comes to choosing the right kind of brand because there are so many companies that would be making their own version of the product.

There are many ways that people are able to get what kind of skin cream would be best for them. What you could always do when it comes to finding the right skin cream that you could use is to ask the people that might have tried their product. The internet is also one thing that people could ask for help because we can now find the right product through online with some easy things that we could find so they could get rid with the wrinkles and other unwanted things that they could see in their skin and that is how people manage to stay younger even though they are already adult.
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How to Pick a Safe and Effective Anti-aging Skin Cream

Looking for the best anti-aging skin cream may be more difficult than it seems. With the several options available, it can be challenging to choose. But with a few important things in mind, it can be a lot simpler.

First of all, you have to understand the importance of sunscreen and moisturizers in removing or controlling the signs of skin aging. Dermatologists say these are the two most important products you should use. If you include them in your daily beauty routine, you will certainly see a difference. To work, your sunscreen should be broad-spectrum and water-resistant, and have a minimum SPF of 30. Remember to reapply this product every two hours when staying outdoors for a prolonged period.\If you have to stay outdoors for a long time, don’t forget to reapply the product every two hours. Moisturizers, on the other hand, work to erase fine lines or at least make them less apparent. They are so effective that most anti-aging skin creams actually have them as their secret ingredient.

If you have started applying sunscreen and moisturizer regularly, give it a few weeks before you look for results. Then check your skin, isolating particular aging signs that are still bothering you.

Treat each problem separately – dark spots, creases, etc. – then buy the appropriate product. Note that no product can work on all signs of skin aging, and using more than one product simultaneously can make your skin age even faster.

Another very important point to consider when choosing an anti-aging skin cream is your skin type. Moisturizer, sunscreen or both, note that no skin product works enough if it’s not for your type of skin. If your skin is oily, for example, choose sunscreen made for oily skin. Look for “combination” on the label if your skin alternates between dry and oily. This is very important because there is no product that works as effectively on everyone.

Aside from the anti-aging effects of the products you buy, make sure they are also safe. Get something that is hypoallergenic if your skin tends to be sensitive. Hypoallergenic doesn’t mean the product can never cause allergies, but the risk is considerably small. The label should also come with “non-comedogenic” or “non-acenegnic.” Of course, there should be hotline that you can call when you do develop undesirable reactions.

Finally, no matter how popular an anti-aging skin cream is, you have to be realistic in your expectations. Be reasonable when you assess products and the claims of their manufacturers. Don’t buy those ridiculous promises like “no more wrinkles in two days” or “erase those age spots overnight.” There are no such miracles in the beauty skin care industry, unless you’re going for surgery.
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A Quick Guide to Buying Watches

Lots of people can really agree to the fact that you will never be disappointed when having a time piece on your wrist, because it is very handy. That is why, you can totally see a lot of persons who owns their won watch due to its importance to their daily life. As an addition, you should realize that you will be amazed on how it will help you to increase your entire outfit because having a watch is totally fashionable as most people would claim.

The purpose of this entire article is to give you the necessary information that you will need in relation to this matter. Thus it would be best for you to do a complete scan on this reading material as it is highly capable of providing you the necessary information that you will need prior to the subject matter.

The first advantage that you ought to know is that, you will never be disappointed on the prices when buying your own watch as it does not cost that much in today’s time. Many can truly agree on this matter especially those who have experienced in buying their own watch in the pastas they have seen its cheap price while in the processes of purchasing it. The second advantage that you ought to know is that, you will never be disappointed on how those timepieces were manufactured as they have made sure of it that it will be of great quality for the benefit of the persons who will purchase it in the future. Those individuals who have bought their own watch a long time ago and realized that it is still perfectly working are the ones who can attest on this matter.

Also, you will not ring your watch to a shop frequently as it seldom have any damages in it. For that reason, you will surely be glad on how you are going to be able to have your own watch it he long run as it does not require any maintenance cost at all.

The fourth advantage that you ought to be informed about is that, those timepieces is also f great help if you are interested in increasing the appeal of your outfit of the day if you want to look fashionable. A lot of people can totally agree onto this statement especially those how have tried this already before. The last advantage that you ought to know is that, you will be able to be satisfied with it as it will be able to deliver you the exact time that you need and sometimes it can also provide you the date depending on the design of your watch. For that reason, you really should go to the nearest store for you to be able to have your own timepiece due to the benefits it can provide to you.
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Shopping For Watches On The Internet – Tips You Need To Know

If you usually make use of the internet to shop for new items you like such as watches, this can be an enjoyable task for you, however, it could be difficult as well because of different reasons. The first reason is that there are plenty of watches available on the internet these days and another reason is that, you do not have the opportunity to see and feel these watches before you buy them. Then again, with the basic knowledge that you will learn as regards to wrist watches, this will be valuable to you in lessening the time browsing more options available to you, and in addition to that, this will also help you in significantly increasing the likelihood of stumbling upon the finest watches which will suit your taste.

Prior to buying a new watch over the internet, it is important for you to be familiar with the manner on how these watches were grouped. These watches are usually categorized as mechanical watches or quartz watches. When it comes to mechanical watches, they can be either automatic watches or manual wind watches. In view of the fact that mechanical components were used in crafting these watches, they were labeled mechanical watches. You do not need batteries for your mechanical watches. But for a quartz watch, it functions with the use of quartz crystal.

The advantage of buying quartz watches is that they are proven to be more accurate and also, they are not so expensive compared to mechanical watches. In spite of this, given that the battery of these quartz watches must be replaced after a year or two, this only indicates that you need to deal with the additional cost along with the inconvenience it includes.

When it comes to mechanical watches, they are less precise compared to quartz watches. Aside from the fact that it costs more, a mechanical watch is also heavier. These mechanical watches are deemed as pieces of art and not simply your ordinary timepieces and this is one great advantage of this kind of watch. It is best that you know if you would like to have a mechanical watch or a quartz watch so you will have an easier time filtering out the many choices in front of you.

It is important that you read the important description of the watch you like including its specifications. There are many people who bought their watches online who ended up sending them up for the reason that the watch was too small or too big for them. But you can avoid this mistake if you will read the description carefully and also, you can make sure that money will not be wasted on shipping costs.
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Why So Many People Switch To Network Marketing

Network marketing is something that people are adapting to within our generation, and this is often because they are not happy with their current job.

When people would be working for a company, they would be looking forward for so many things like the benefits that they could get from the company. A lot of times, people would be stressed all the time when it comes to working in an office because of so many factors. Another disadvantage for people that work in a company or an office would be the hectic schedules and deadlines to meet, it would always be a heavy pressure for them and this means they would need to find a new way to have an income and network marketing would be their solution.

In our times today, more and more people are gaining so much from network marketing, but unfortunately there is still a huge number of people who have no idea of what network marketing really is. However these people are still so much interested and curious about network marketing which is always a good sign.

Also there are people who have negative thoughts about network marketing because there are some schemes that give it a bad name which is not particularly true.

This is why whenever you would think about switching from your old job to network marketing, you should first know so much about it so that you can be sure that you’re on the right track. It would take some of your time and effort but you should realize that in the end it will all be worth it and you will enjoy all the benefits and advantages that you could get from network marketing.

There are many ways that people are able to learn more about network marketing and it would only take some time after they could fully understand the potential of this thing and what it could bring to them. Being in the internet all the time would always teach you so many things and this involves getting the right information about network marketing. You should realize that when it comes to finding the right information about the network marketing scheme, the internet would be a reliable place to know a lot of things because of the different websites that you could find and also the different people that you will meet online like those that are already successful in the market of networking and also people like you who still has so many questions in their mind about network marketing.

To find out more about network marketing and to see if it might be right for you, check the web for helpful resources.
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Your Considerations Regarding Network Marketing

One of the many methods to market products and services is through network marketing, where the company creates a network of individuals who will help secure the orders of the products. In return, these individuals will get commission because of their efforts to generate sales for the business. Also, they will make sure that they grow their own network so they will be paid off for the efforts of their teammates. However, this will count on the compensation scheme that the organization employs.

Though it is regarded as an old concept, network marketing has improved due to the internet. It helps so that network marketers can effortlessly spread the message for their customers. As they are looking for an additional source of income, the ease of access to the internet can help them grow their network and achieve their expectation of quickly making money.

However, the rate of earning money is about the same as the rate of those who did not succeed in their network marketing venture. Most of them have been disgusted, so they just leave or become inactive in the business. One needs to learn that there is one great opportunity to not only earn but to learn as well provided that you have reasonable expectations when you become part of it. Earning without taking too much effort is one big mistake with most network marketers. It is important to understand the process properly so you can go a little further than those who just want easy money. There is so much that you have to learn for you to realize how you will become successful in earning money.

Success is one thing that you cannot impose but you ought to earn therefore you have to cultivate something for you to achieve it. You need to have a winning mindset once you take part in this business. There is an opportunity to cultivate a winning mindset but you must be willing to learn to take advantage of it.

Companies who are involved in network marketing provide a lot of support to their individual entrepreneurs. There consist of learning opportunity, mentoring and promotional materials so their marketers can learn and improve themselves. If you take the appropriate step and understand the right process, you will be one step closer to success.

Leverage is one key element in this business so as to become a successful marketer. This is one beneficial technique to use so you can raise the effectiveness of your effort numerous times. Once you have someone working for you, there is plenty for you to earn. However, no one will work for you when they don’t have something to get for their efforts. That is why it is important for the team leader to make sure that his members are also taking their efforts to learn in order to earn.
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Tips To Succeed In Network Marketing

It is requiring considerable amount of work to find network marketing leads so don’t ever think that this is going to be an easy process. You can still be able to achieve success in network marketing on the other hand and this is if you’re going to follow simple yet detailed instructions as well as using tools in network marketing.

The success for network marketing is normally involving not just to get leads but at the same time, to keep the lead and creating a good business relation. That is the real secret on how you can achieve success in network marketing business.

If you would like to ensure the success of your network marketing business most especially if you are doing it in the internet, then you have to be aware about the various tools that are required to make it happen. Just one of the most vital network marketing tools that you ought to have is network marketing prospect website. This specific website would enable you to locate leads and even clients at the same time to create your marketing campaign. Having a network marketing prospect site can additionally help you to post valuable info to prospect clients.

The utilization of network marketing prospect site is just one of the key tools that you must have for your network marketing endeavours to be able to achieve success as what you can see.

Aside from that, you additionally need to study the various tools for network marketing. This is necessary since it can provide a huge contribution to your success in online network marketing. It is always a big help to do research because this can help you to uncover more info about the tools you have. Just some of the things that you have to be mindful about to achieve success in this particular industry is going through network marketing prospect website of your competitor/s, holding on to this valuable insights, researching on the different tools for network marketing online.

Besides, there are other things that can help you to be successful in this business aside from having network marketing prospect websites as well as network marketing tools. On the other hand, it is a must that you work on with your network marketing prospect website and have the necessary tools before you move up on these marketing ideas.

It is time to study how you would further maximize the benefits and functionality of these things now that you are educated of the things that you need to do and have for your network marketing business. Never forget about these things to guarantee your success in this industry. Patience and perseverance are crucial as nothing comes so easy in this business.
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