How do you think about Time?

At the beginning of a new year you often hear people talk about how fast time flies, like an arrow. Of course the longer you live, the shorter an hour feels relative to the number of hours you have lived. But the feeling of time having flown past is also a reflection of missed opportunity, that perhaps you could have spent or invested your time better.

Last year in April, I had the privilege of attending the Wealth Dynamics Entrepreneur Business School (EBS) in Bali, Indonesia. The EBS training was hosted and mentored by Roger Hamilton. Over 320 participants from 20 countries gathered in the main ballroom of Le Meridien Bali.

Roger led an exercise on reframing how you think about Time, using the metaphor of hours as droplets of time, which can be collected and channeled in ways that lead to both accumulation and increased flow of wealth. This metaphor came from his book on the subject, Wink and Grow Rich (Wealth Dynamics), with an illustration of how to Invest Your Time: 24 Drops shown above.

I think that this is a far better way to think about time, than the image of time flying like an arrow.

Time Drops Create Wealth Flow

The implications of this metaphor are profound, and lead to practical steps for how to apply this in your life and business. We are all given the same number of hours in a day, be we do not all value those hours the same. The first step is to value your time as you value your life. They are closely interwoven. There are key words which will help you do this.

Collect your resources
Find containers to collect your output over time. This can be a blog, a diary, a book, a product, anything which takes a shape that remains over time for other people to recognize its value and potential. And that value will grow over time as the contents become increasingly relevant.

Connect with people
Find networks to connect with people over space. This can be a group or association, online or offline, any group that regularly communicates and trades through a system over the same channels, and one which grows stronger by association. That value too will grow over time as your contribution to the network becomes increasingly evident.

Collaborate on projects
Form partnerships to collaborate with others whose resources and networks complement and enhance your own. This can be a project, a product, a company, or even volunteer venture based on trust, similar values, and mutual merit, a bond which strengthens through action. The value of this too will increase through synergy, as the value of the partnership exceeds the value of the separate partners.

Celebrate by sharing
Make commitments to share the benefits with others who recognize your value and want to share in the process. This can be a social enterprise, donation of money or services, teaching process, or rally of support, one which gains momentum through inspiration and gratitude.

If you can value and use time in this way, you will never lack for ideas or support.

Are you ready to collectconnectcollaborate, and celebrate in 2009?

Do you have the motivation to act, but need help in finding containersnetworkspartnerships, and commitments in which to invest your time and effort?

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How to Treat Different Hair Worries and Problems

At some point in our lives, we experience hair loss and to solve the problem we seek solutions that come in shampoos and creams that can simply be applied and rinsed off later. When looking for these treatments, you will come across many options claiming many things that they can do but one thing is the same and they re made to stop and control hair fall. Read the helpful solutions below so you can keep your hair as thick as can be and finally end the battle with hair loss:

Dry hair can be a terrible hair problem to have; not only do you experience falling hair with this but it can be very unpleasant to look at too. This signifies that your hair lacks the necessary moisture and it may be brought about by the environment or the weather condition at the moment. When the weather is dry then so will be the hair; if you live in a tropical country or where the weather is mostly hot then you will be affected by the weather, resulting to very dry and brittle hair. And to solve this hair problem, you should be trying nourishing shampoos or better yet botanical oils for more effective results. This is used by simply applying and massaging on the hair and scalp, wrapping it with a soft cloth and leaving for over night. Add to that, you may also try an easy technique to moisturize the hair and it starts by filling a bowl with water and letting it stay over night; the water evaporates over night and since it’s beside you, moisture will head straight to your very dry hair. Once the hair is healthy and moisturized then you will no longer experience hair fall.

Heat is another hair enemy and when hair is exposed to it then great damage can be experienced. Because women love to style their hair whether going on a vacation or not, they are prone to damage caused by heat more than men; there are curling and straightening rods, blow dryers and others more that create different hairstyles. To look beautiful and stylish women take the risk of using these tools despite the high heat it brings about. So as a result, the hair strands become dull because the protective layer of the hair strands are broken and damaged. The best solution to this particular hair problem is the use of hydrating creams, applied regularly and preferably before and after the use of styling tools.

The cream serves the purpose of a covering as it envelopes each hair strand and blocks that heat from the styling tools; with that, you may keep on styling without having to worry over exposing the hair any further. Heat is also known to make hair fall because as the hair follicles are targeted once exposed to it.
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Attending A Recovery Center To Treat Anxiety

Anxiety usually stems from a person’s mind, it causes him to over react and sometimes get uneasy and restless when subjected to even the most normal situations he can be put in. The effects of this condition can become serious when not treated or spotted soon enough; the difficult situations that one afflicted by anxiety issues are experiencing is something that must be paid attention to in order to avoid any harm from coming to the patient. These effects can be a danger to a person’s overall well being and health and therefore must be treated in the best way possible.

A person who is experiencing this kind of condition has more than likely endured difficult times in his past regarding issues that he has had problems dealing with the alcoholism, drugs, and family problems; these issues have likely taken their toll on his mind and has therefore caused the ill effects of anxiety. The person experiencing this will most likely be overwhelmed by all of the issues that is plaguing him. Anxiety maybe treated with specific medication meant for it for a short term treatment length or in can be stored on hand in case of situations where the attacks are becoming too serious to ignore. There are times when you realize that the condition actually stems from another cause that only medical procedures and treatments of a new beginnings recovery center will only be able to help you with; in cases like these it is important to exhaust all your options and get the best help you can avail of.

The person that is facing anxiety issues is given a compound as some sort of medication to help temporarily relieve his condition. The compound is usually in pill form, it is then swallowed by the patient and in a few short minutes he will notice a drastic change as he will be relieved from his condition albeit temporarily. If you have hear the phrase “returning with a vengeance”, then that is exactly how you would describe anxiety attacks, while the pills may be able to relieve them, once they come back they will require a lot more medication before you can ever experience relief again. When a person uses more pills he will notice that every medication session will require more of them meaning higher doses of the pills; this will make them request for the medication more frequently which may potentially cause addiction. Others even go crazy when the doctor tell them that it would be high time for them to stop taking the pills and seek other means of help.

The chances of a medication failing when choosing pills to relieve anxiety issues are very high and therefore if one does not have enough self control it is recommended that he seek other sources of help. A recovery center will be more than able to provide you with the proper treatment you need for full recovery.
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A Brief Overview of the Advantages of Upgrading Your Kitchen Appliances

Anyone who is planning to remodel their kitchen soon should take a moment to research the advantages of upgrading their present kitchen to include luxury kitchen appliances There are many reasons to upgrade your kitchen with luxury appliances. Now, prior to running off to the local mall to make an appliance purchase at your local department store, you should take a moment to look online for the most exceptional appliances out there, at the most affordable prices that you are going to find for them.

There are three basic types of kitchen appliances that you will need when you upgrade your kitchen. There are appliances for cooking, appliances for refrigeration and appliances designed for cleanup. These include appliances like convection ovens, cook tops, refrigerators, freezers, dish washers and garbage disposals. Of course, you can find all of these appliances in any appliance or department store, but you can not always find the exceptional brands in local stores that you can find online. This is probably the best reason to perform a search for luxury appliances on the Internet to gather information before you begin shopping in stores.

There are numerous reasons why you should upgrade to luxury kitchen appliances as opposed to using the ordinary brands that you are likely to find in local department stores. Probably the biggest reason is the fact that luxury appliances generally perform at a higher level than ordinary appliances. Superior performance means that they not only work better but that they built to last without requiring frequent repairs.

When you are remodeling your kitchen it is also important to take into account the fact that luxury appliances are more energy efficient than ordinary appliances. This means that your luxury appliances will not only perform at a higher level than your ordinary appliances, you will also be saving money on your energy bills. When upgrading your kitchen to include luxury appliances, the superior performance and energy efficiency means that you will enjoy an overall better value.

It is also true that luxury appliances tend to hold their value much longer than consumer grade kitchen appliances. When you decide to replace your luxury appliances, you will be able to sell them for much more than you would consumer grade appliances of the same general type. If you are interested in learning more about exceptional luxury appliances for your kitchen remodeling project you will want to look for a designer kitchen surplus website to find the best possible prices available. For more information about elite brands of appliances all you really have to is search the Internet for luxury appliances.
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How You Should Know What Performance Enhancer You Should Get

Most adult men would really resort to a lot of performance enhancements but they are really worried about what it could give to them as side effects. Upon the discovery of these performance enhancers, there have been so many kinds that were developed may it be from natural things or products that were chemically created in laboratories.

Erectile dysfunction for men has been around us for a very long time already, also you should know that there are millions of people that are suffering from it worldwide. For men, it would be very difficult to tell anyone about their condition because they take this issue as a personal one and it would be their pride at stake if they would tell someone even doctors or experts about it. Experts believe that there could be several reasons which could relate to the cause of the erectile dysfunction which males would have, on is that they may have something on the prostate area, some might be suffering from diabetes and others might just have high blood pressure.

Viagra is the most common performance enhancer available for men, also a lot of men who have used this have also reported that there are so many side effects that they have experienced, one of which is getting bad headaches, also a lot of physicians would link this product to the increase of risks for men to have cardiovascular problems. These enchancers would not be advised that should be used by older people but most of the time, erectile dysfunction would affect the older males. Aside from that, men would get side-effects from these performance enhancers if they are not careful in finding the right one for them, you should know that they are expensive products and they might buy the fake ones sold in the market.

When buying something that would alter the functions of your body, you have to be sure that what you have bought would be perfectly safe for your body. Asking an expert or a physician would be the best thing that you would need to do.

The internet could provide you with so much information and that is what most men would do instead of going to their physicians, self educating is good but you should know that you will have to spend so much time in looking for different sources and different accounts of information just to be sure that the supplements you are about to use would be safe for you and would have little or no side-effect.
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How to Go about Forex Web Design

If you are a forex broker, it is important for you to make sure that you have a good website, and one that is specifically designed for your forex business. When it comes to forex web design, you need to note that there are many design companies providing these services, and you need to work with the company that will provide you with the design that suits you best. In the business of forex brokerage, you need to know that the presentation of a website and its functionality are normally critical to establishing a certain level of trust between you and your customer. It is advisable for you to avoid compromising on the design as this will ensure that you increase your chances of getting more clients.

It is important for you to note that design will be done in a custom way from the start to the finish when you approach a reliable forex web design firm. Since templates will not allow you to have a unique website, it is not advisable to use them. With the help of the designers, you will be able to come up with a good design for brand identity. A good and memorable logo as well as marketing materials are some of the things that you will be able to get. There are different design packages offered in these firms and you need to make sure that you select the package that will allow you to get the most out the design process.

The design of the logo is normally a big part of the identity of the business in forex web desing. Make sure that the design company has branding experts that possess deep knowledge of various matters in the forex field to ensure that you get appropriate branding. Because many websites are powered for content management systems (CMS), these are also provided and you can get the system that will be suitable for your needs. If you are just starting the forex business and you do not know what content to put on the site, you can receive assistance from the professionals in the design firm, who ensure that you get unique content for your site.

Various options can be recommended by the professionals during the process of forex web design, and these can include how you can integrate calendars, forex currency rates and news into your site. Since there are different financial data providers, the professionals will ensure that you get the solution that will be best for you. While you might want to focus more on the design, you need to know that most companies will provide you with full service to ensure that you get the most out of your website. You can get affordable services when you hire the services of such a company.
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Hire a Contractor Successfully by Following These Valuable Tips

Many individuals are truly excited when they can finally purchase a house calling it their own as well as starting a renovation project. It is the time when you get to turn an old kitchen or bedroom into something new and you can do it easily especially with the aid of a contractor. Understandably, most homeowners would still want to save money as much as possible from this project. And it can easily be achieved if you closely work hand-in-hand with the contractor you’ll hire for this particular project.

The term “contractor” has a different meaning depending on what context it is used. Though it may have different meanings, if it will be used in relation to construction projects then it means he’s the individual with the responsibility of managing and overseeing the daily project operations. Regardless of what your understanding is, what you will read below are important tips on how to successfully hire contractors.

Prior to discussing the tips, let us know first the important role of a contractor. Contractors are professionals and also undergo some kind of contractor testing wherein they will have to prove their knowledge as well as skills to the licensing board. For a contractor to gain popularity in handling big projects not only needs to prove that he can manage it but also take the test given by the state board.

One of the important tips that a homeowner should take note of is hiring licensed contractors with a proven track record of successful projects. Regardless if it’s a renovation or a construction of a new house, you would want to work with one who passed a contractor testing for license and proven his professional worth. If you want to use your money well then hire someone who can do a great job regardless if you have a small or big budget for the project.

Additionally, another tip considered to be valuable is asking recommendations from family and friends if they know a contractor. If they know of one and they can testify regarding the professionalism and you are able to confirm that the professional is licensed then check him out. You do have to keep in mind though that it’s easier to find a professional to work with you on your project this way.

In relation to the first tip, it is best that you check the contractor’s credibility by verifying with the state licensing board. Again, contractor testing will be brought up because it’s part of the licensing of the professional. If you do this then you won’t get worried whether you hired a contractor who’s professional or not.

A written contract should never be missing in this transaction as well. This is to make sure that everyone understands all the details about the project like the total cost, time duration, and more.

Although it sure is overwhelming to take on such project, you will feel less stressed out when you know that you’re working with a professional contractor.
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Why Cell Phone Accessories Are Truly Vital

In today’s time one of the truly important gadget that a number of people can use around the whole world is the cell phone, this is a great source of communication and also has various functions like surfing the internet and also listening to music. Most of these cell phones can get to easily try and capture the important memories of the owners of these cell phones, most of them can get to capture the different video and also pictures and also get to try and also watch the full length movies in their very own cell phones.

Most of these cell phones have really became a very important toll in the overall daily life of certain people and the use of these cell phones can be further enhanced by having the various accessories which are being used for most of these phones. Having to make a great fashion statement in the world of technology especially in the communication market, the overall style and also looks are also truly being offered by the different cell phones accessories that can make it look good.

Now in the modern times, the market is mostly flooded with a wide range of phone accessories from different hardware and also software accessories, there are different companies that make these accessories. Most people can truly get to accessorize most of their phone with the various colorful cell phone cases, phone holders, hands free kit, blue tooth headsets which can easily give functionality and also add important style and beauty.

Most of these accessories can truly get to enhance the total appearance of cell phones, most people can get to try and also add their own personality to their cell phone when they choose the right cell phone case. A number of these truly high quality and also very affordable cases can truly get to truly give a great new look for their very own phones, and a certain number of these cell phone cases are mostly available in different styles that can be seen in the market.

A number of these face plates can get to easily come in a wide variety of colors and also designs where a number of them can get to search for a case that really suits their needs and can make their cell phones look great compared to others. Purchasing also a car charger is also a really great accessory for a number of people to buy, most of these type of accessory will stop people from being stranded with a mobile phone that does not have a energy. These chargers are truly vital for people who have cell phones that have batteries that easily drains out, they can easily charge them with the use of these car chargers from cars.
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How to Select a Reputable Security Service

So many negative things happen every day in almost every corner of the globe, and that’s why security is a thing that so many individuals are actually wanting to acquire today. Because of the fact that security is crucially needed today, it is needed by different people in various places or environments today. You can in fact find different security services today that are able to provide professional service for people and also for properties.

You can actually find these service provider in various online directories today when you are in need of one. Searching through these directories will lead you to chances where you will be able to find some firms that are able to deliver quality services. In the article below, you will be able to learn more about the different security service that are able to offer directories.

Any potential client that visits these firms will acquire free consultation services. These consultations are actually sources where anyone will be able to learn about the expertise and also learn about the experience that the firm has. Also, this helps you to determine whether the potential firm is knowledgeable for the industry.

You can also find different types of security services that are offered by these firms. These are known in other ways as specialized services. There are different types which you could encounter where two of it would be with personal security guards and the other is the commercial security guard. There is also bank security, residential security and also anti-terrorism security. This is why you need to first determine the type of firm that you need for it.

Important Reminders

It is important to be aware that there are various considerations which you need to note before hiring one and one of these considerations would be with the training that they are able to provide. Make sure they undergo quality training in the first place so that you can ensure that they will effectively help in giving the quality protection by fighting off any terrorist or robbers.

It is also crucial that they should be able to supervise you well when they are on duty. Quality supervision is important for you to get assurance they will be able to deliver their work effectively and correctly.

It is an important process that you consider firms that are experienced and also authorized for the industry and has the license needed. It is important that you are able to learn about their experience. It is also helpful if you try to know about their past and present clients. You should also try to know whether the firm is using quality security equipment’s for the job.

See to it also that you compare the prices of the firms that are offering this kind of service. Once you consider following the information above, you will be able to end up finding a suitable security service provider that will suit your needs.
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Getting the Right Security Service

One’s location is not an issue when security is concerned; families need to be assured of protection no matter where they are which is the reason why security services are considered as a need in every home today. And because there are many available services today, there are less cases of criminal attacks or trespassers that invade the privacy of homes. If you want to avail of such services, then you can simply look them over the directories available online. You will then see that not all companies have the same cost and services offered and so you can start choosing which among them suits you the best. Your consideration should always be what will fit your needs and specification rather than what is the most popular choice to the public.

Are there ways to tell a good service company from a bad one?

If you want to know a company that serves the best for the people then find out if they offer free consultations.

Find a company that listens intently to your needs no matter how trivial it may be, because it is in those little details that the best and most apt solutions are brought about. It must be clear to them that you want a specific security system you want for the home. Make sure that you will be working with a company that specializes in your exact security needs for the home. There are companies that work securing establishments such as banks and other commercial industries too. So at the consultation, you have to make sure that you were very clear with what you want to avoid wrong communication that can lead to the wrong service installed.

Get to know how the work process will go and the kind of supervision that will take place. The companies must be able to be equipped with the right training and skills that involve attacks from different kinds of criminals. Together with the installation of the system in the specific area in the house, there should also be a clear synchronization with the security guards available so that alarms can easily be detected and action can be provided.

Never work with a service company that is not certified and acknowledged by the highest associations related to security system management. They should also be known for their years of experience and long years of good service.
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The History of Fishing

Fishing is basically catching fish using any means possible. Catching fish has been developed into significantly enjoyable sport for a lot of people that they tend to forget that it originated in very ancient times where they were an activity that was necessary to keep their ancestors alive. Families all over the world are now making use of this activity as a fun way to enjoy and basically bond with the other members of their family typically like a sport of some sort. While some people may argue with them a lot of people consider themselves professionals when it comes to catching because they simply declare that such an activity really is indeed a sport these days.

The act of catching fishes is something has been recorded as far as ten thousand years when the ancient people living on the coast line or near bodies of water used it as their only means of getting food. People know this because of the carvings of fish bones in caves which indicate that it was a means of survival for the ancient people they find during expeditions and researches. In fact, this activity is so ancient that it may have been present even before the more modern humans were walking this earth, but whatever the case, people will never know exactly. Rivers and lakes were plentiful during the ancient times, much more so that today, and the same goes with the fishes, one can definitely say that during those times the abundance of those aquatic organisms was enough to feed entire civilizations for hundreds and even thousands of years. A lot of ancient illustrations such as tomb stones and tablets show that catching fish was one of the main sources of sustenance during the ancient times. Catching fish was then much easier to do because people gradually developed new skills and methods of catching them that were more practical and safer such as the using of bards and hooks. There were all sorts of fishes that were caught during many ancient people’s ventures of catching fish and they usually caught perch, carp, catfish, and eels and cook them for food. Some have even seem illustrations which hints that catching of aquatic animals was already done during those ancient times for leisure and not for the purpose of catching food.

In ancient literature a lot of illustrations are depicted of catching fish as an important way of life during the ancient times, so much so that people have even been teaching them in schools, particularly those whose culture is defined by such an activity. From paintings,mosaics, sculptures, and many more works of fine art, catching fish is showcased as an important means of human survival through the ages. Whatever happens from now on though, one thing remains sure, this activity will forever remain a part of human lives in the many years to come.
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